Sweet Pea

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❄Deep in their roots all flowers keep the light.❄

s w e e t   p e a 

[ s y m b o l i s e s   b l i s s   o r  g r a t i t u d e   a f t e r   a   g o o d   t i m e.]

Weekends never held such importance for me. I was either working from home or instructing my crew on a venue. And though tomorrow was the anniversary I was supposed to hire Aster for, I was here standing outside The Aphrodite.

And for some reason I was jittery. I opened the door and walked in reminding myself that I was once a pro flirt in my school days.

For the first time, I saw a customer in the shop, a school boy in uniform buying flowers. Aster gave him a bunch of flowers, a bouquet of multiple flowers. Then she came round the counter and lighted patted the young boy's shoulder.

I walked closer and saw that the young boy was crying. He lost someone and these flowers were probably for a grave. I saw Aster look at him with sympathy and it seemed as if she could feel the pain he was in. I still had no idea about the girl beside her name and her love for flowers.

The school boy thanked her and went outside with the bouquet.

"Kyler." She greeted me properly for the first time without how can I help you and why are you here.

"Why was the boy crying?" I asked walking closer to the counter.

"He lost his grandmother." She answered but without looking at me.

She was busy writing a note instead. I took a chance to observe her for a while. She was not dressed as if she was ready for a date. She was wearing her usual jeans and a top attire. But today her hair was different. Instead of a messy bun , she tied her auburn hair into a side braid and I realised she had long hair and her braid went down to her hip bone.

And I was a sucker for long haired girls.

"Ready to go?" She lifted her face to meet my eyes.

I nodded kind of relieved that she didn't forget about the promise.

"I wrote a note in case Amelia came in."

"She will not, she is busy as hell. And by the way, it is your fault that she has this much work load."

"Sure, it is my fault that you kept badgering me instead of hiring her when I told you." Her voice was filled with amusement.

She locked the door behind us as we walked out of the shop.

"Where are we going?" She asked searching for a vehicle probably.

"To a place, you might like." I hoped that she might.

"And I presume it is a surprise?"

"Not really, we are walking to that place so it is close by but since you are new here, you might not have seen the place."

Shit , I just made a slip-up.

"How do you know that I am new?" There was a little harshness in her tone.

"Amelia told me." Okay, so I asked her but she did tell me herself.

Aster's mouth formed a 'o' in understanding and her eyes softened.

We walked in silence but there was nothing awkward about it, we just walked like two people who can understand each other's silence.

"I loved my grandmother, a lot. I cried for weeks when she died." I shared a little bit of my life.

She didn't respond for a while but then she said, "My grandmother , well, foster grandmother that is , didn't love me that much. She loved my foster siblings more."

There was no pain or bitterness in her words. She accepted it like it was a fact. Foster parents, she had been in foster care. This was the first piece of information she shared about herself. I felt honoured suddenly.

We reached our destination before I could respond.

It was a Bed n Breakfast owned by my cousin, Patrick Holt. But the main beauty of the place was the back garden of this place. It was one of the most beautiful garden's I have ever seen in my life when I was not even a flower person.

Patrick was out so I asked for the key other night. I led her to the backyard, informing the guy at reception who already knew me.

"You own this place?" She asked looking at how I knew my way around.

"My cousin does."

"Get ready to be impressed."

"Don't hold your breath," She said lightly.

But as I opened the door to the back garden, I heard her gasp. Her eyes were widened and she definitely looked impressed.

She looked around rotating her head in every possible direction to get a good look in one go.

"It is unbelievable," She whispered the words as if she was in a museum.

The garden had the most amazing set of flowers, grown in a colour coordinated way. There is a white bench swing on the either side of the fountain in the centre of the garden. Butterflies fluttered around making the surroundings even more beautiful.

Starlights were spread on the trees, not lit up since it was day time but I knew it looked splendid in the evening. The path was adorned with rocks and lamp- posts on either side.

"This place is beautiful. I am speechless." She smiled at me, a full-fledged smiled and I am pretty sure my heart stopped for that instant.

Even when I was a teenage boy I never had such severe reactions.

"I am glad you liked it." I managed to say I recovered from the shock of her smile that made her look beautiful.

For that moment,the pain in her eyes was gone.

She spotted flower in the garden and said, "Sweet pea."

"Are we continuing the lesson teacher?" I teased her tenacity to teach me.

She just smiled in response.

She picked one from the basket of sweet peas, kept there as a decoration and gave it to me. I tried to hide the surprise but failed.

I have received flowers from girls, too many to be truthful but I never felt so...satisfied and happy about it.

"For you Kyler, it symbolises bliss or gratitude for a good time. Thank you for bringing me here." Her voice was soft and it made my heart warm up.

I accepted the flower and restrained myself from pulling her into a hug, a hug that might help her lessen her pain.

"So do I win the bet?" I asked looking at her in awe that how she glowed even in a garden this beautiful.

Her eyes were clouded with pain again, and she smiled her sad smile.

"You were pretty close Kyler but like I said, not that easy."

"One day I promise Aster, the scar will be nothing but a memory." My words held a fervour promise that surprised her.

And gazing into my eyes she said almost like she wished to believe it, "One day, Kyler, I hope so too because it hurts too much."

❄ ❄ ❄

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