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Falling in love is easy, they say.

 To remain fallen in love,

That is an impossible feat.

But not if we become best of friends,

Because a friend is the one person that you chose to love.

So I don't just want to be your husband,

Or your soul mate, or lover,

I want to be your friend, the best of all,

With whom you can be yourself,

Share your dirty little secrets and have arguments over favourite movies.

I want to be  person you trust most, 

Both in happy and sad times.   ⚘

i v y

 f r i e n d s h i p   a n d   a f f e c t i o n 


oh, oh , this the last second note that Kyler sent. I hope you don't miss them too much :)

Next up with the notes will be 2 special Aster Chapter. I will let you know what 2 I choose from your demands :)

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