Amaryllis ⚘

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❄I will be the gladdest thing under the sun! I will touch a hundred flowers and not pick one.

a m a r y l l i s

[colourful and showy flower, hence symbolises splendid beauty and pride]

I looked up for the flower she told me about. Alstomeria. It was symbolic to a new found friendship. It was like for our first meeting.

I entered the shop once again, dressed in my suit after the work. She was watering some flowers but looked up as the door made the sound when I walked in.

It was unsettling to see her, she was like a work of art, the right mixture of pain and beauty. She had been crying and as much as I wanted to ask I just walked towards her for my work. Eight days were left for the function and I still had no one to arrange flowers for me. I should have hired a professional but here I was in Aphrodite again.

Today I will know her name.

"How can I help you, Sir?" She asked not meeting my eye clearly trying to hide the redness in them.

"I am here for the lesson."


"Yes, you said you will tell me about the flowers and make me see the meaning behind them," I said loosening my tie and looking for a place to sit.

Her eyes flickered to the plant she had in her hand and then to my face.

"Amaryllis." She told me the name and I looked at her to continue further.

"what does it represent?"

"Beauty and pride." The tone of resignation in her voice told me that she didn't like the two qualities or maybe one of them.

"Can I buy some?"

"For what, beauty or pride?" She looked at me with a silent challenge in those ocean blue-green eyes.

"Just as a flower."

She chuckled at me as if she was mocking.

"You don't give red roses unless you are going to profess love."

"That is wrong," I contradicted her," We can visit a loved one in the hospital with red roses."

"And will you bother to buy flowers if you don't like the person enough." She answered back, fire of energy back in her eyes.

"So if I give you a red rose out of courtesy, that means I love you?" It was kind of fun arguing with her.

"Some part of you will like me, subconsciously maybe to make you give me such a beautiful thing." She said with a smile as if she knew what it meant to give flowers to someone.

I just send in bouquets to my colleagues and partners for an official reason, never really putting meaning behind it.

"How do you see this flower then?" I asked looking at the plant in front of us.

Her gaze hardened and she sighed deeply.

"I am just the shopkeeper, my opinion doesn't matter."

"But it does, I am the student here." I urged further.

Then she looked up at me and I thought for a moment , her eyes met mine but then she was looking down.

"Beauty." She almost whispered the word.

"Then I will take it for beauty."

"A single or a bunch." She asked clearly hoping that I will buy a bunch.

Being in business I knew more sale will but her in the good books of the shop owner.

"Tell me your name and I will buy the bunch."

She frowned at my deal. Her mouth opened as if to contradict me or just ask me to get lost but something stopped her.

Sighing in defeat, she looked up again and said with a small, tight smile, "Aster."

"Kyler," I answered back, feeling successful than I ever done in my business life.

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