Daffodils ⚘

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  "H e   s a i d   t h a t   w e   b e l o n g e d   t o g e t h e r   b e c a u s e   h e   w a s   b o  r n   w i t h   a  f l o w e r  a n d  I   w a s   b o r n   w i t h   a   b u t t e r f l y   a n d  t  h a t   f  l o  w e r s   a n d   b u t t e r f l i e s   n e e d   e a c h   o t h e r   f o r   s u r v i v a l ."  

a s t e r   w a l s h

Amelia took all the efforts to make me look presentable in a lavender gown. I had no idea why she was doing this or no idea why I was agreeing to this but since the day Kyler Holt walked into my life, I have been different.

I wanted to look good, I wanted the pain and hesitation to be gone. I wanted to see the admiration I see in his eyes. He was somehow slowly, really slowly filling in the scars and making me smile more often now. 

My phone rang and I smiled slightly as I saw his name flash on the screen. I could see him in the hall looking troubled over something. 

   "Do I need to come to your place and drag you out Aster?"  He asked with an annoyed tone.

"Look up." I laughed at his words, something I only did when he was around.

I did try to push him away but he was one persistent guy. 

He was staring at me and I suddenly felt glad for Amelia to put in all the effort.

  "Amelia forced me into this, hence the tardiness."  I gestured to my outfit.

 He looked a little lost for words making me blush . I missed this, being appreciated by someone.

He opened his mouth a little to say something.

  "Aster , is that you?"  The familiar voice made me flinch before Kyler could say something.

My lips curled under my lips and I felt my body go rigid with pain.

"Brian." I mumbled out in a weak voice.

God, this is hell. This can't be happening. I have cried enough to my pillows, I can't cry in front of a crowd.

But then like a form of support a grip formed on my waist, ""Beautiful, and who this might be?", Kyler said holding me together right then.

I gasped lightly at his touch, surprised by his actions.

"Brian Hughes, Kyler Holt." I introduced the two not sure where to look.

"How do you know Aster?" Brian asked with a frown in my direction as if it was not right for me to be with a man.    

  "I am her boyfriend, if you want to put labels. And I know that you are the ex." Kyler said in a cold tone.

I was really glad to have him next to me right now when I was in pain and weak.

Wide-eyed I looked at him for just calling himself my boyfriend. Brian was big mouth and being reporter and all he had lot of friends. Kyler just made a mistake. This news will travel fast.

But he just chuckled and bent down to kiss my cheek, making heat rise on my face. His gestured both flustered me and made me warm.

"Oh, um..How did you guys meet?" Brian asked not sure what to say now. 

I was glad to see this.

"She is the flower arranger for this event." Kyler answered immediately

"Ah! It has been three months Aster since we last met." Brian said wistfully.

"I was not really in mood or condition to see you after you broke our engagement over a text Brian, one day before the wedding." I answered him with bitterness.

How could he blame me even now, I felt like crying but I held it in somehow. Suddenly a woman walked next to Brian and I sucked in air sharply when she gave me the look , He-dumped-you-for-me.

"Myra, this is Aster and her boyfriend Kyler. This is Myra, my good friend." He was lying, of course, she was more than his good friend.

"It was nice meeting you all. But I think my girlfriend here will kill me if I don't ask her to dance." Kyler must have seen my distress because he pulled me closer and this time I leaned in , welcoming his support.

"It was great meeting you," Myra added with a flirtatious smile.

While Brian gave Kyler a constipated look.

"Aster, keep me in touch." He had the nerve to say that.

"No, thank you, Brian. I am not stupid enough to walk with my own two feet towards useless things that might hurt me again." My words were for once sarcastic and harsh.

Shock and hurt crossed Brian's face.

  Fifteen minutes passed since Brian left and we danced to the slow music without a word. I just let the tears flow down as I can't hold it in.

"Do you need a drink Aster?" Kyler asked and I nodded.

He pulled me to the drink counter and gave me some red wine.

I looked at Kyler and realised he just became a shield for me, a pillar of support for me. Such chivalry is missing in men now-a-days but right in front of me stood a man who was definition of chivalry.

I looked around and suddenly walking to a vase, I pulled out a daffodil.

Walking back to Kyler I extended the flower towards him.

His brows shot up in surprise and question.

"For chivalry, Mr. Boyfriend." I said with a smile of gratitude towards the handsome man in front of me.

Do you like him? Should I like him?


So, this is what Aster thought when Kyler became a hero for her. I choose this chapter:

Daffodils for chivalry because I can clearly picture Aster's mind set in this one.

Could you guess the second chosen chapter ? :)

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