The flip side

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24 hours earlier

Jungkooks POV:

Stupid teacher, stupid yuri. I walked along the deserted corridors, as everyone was in class, but me.

Yuri had been non stop pestering me in class, the girl could not take a hint. She had been after me for the last few months, around the time I started texting Jimin.


I grit my teeth harder. Speak of the devil. She ran up and back hugged me, I tore away from her grasp and stormed off. "Go away Yuri, I have a boyfriend." I spat as I stormed away from her.

She ran up in front of me and placed her hands on my chest. "Baby, you should know, boyfriends don't stop me." She whispered as she leaned into my ear, her hair tickling my cheek.

I pushed her off me and kept walking not giving her a sparing glance.

Then the girl did something that caught me by surprise, she slammed me into the lockers. Who knew a girl, this tiny, with such a small figure could do that?! "Let go of me." She shook her head and giggled playfully.

"I'll let go....on one condition, you give me a kiss right here and now." I glared at her, disgusted. "No." She pouted and a deadly look crossed her face. "One final deal, kiss me here and now, and I'll leave you alone."



I was so torn, I refused to kiss her but the thought of her leaving me alone forever, leaving Jimin and I alone forever was a tempting one.

"Fine, one kiss."

She grinned leaned into the kiss.

I let her do most of the work.

I hated her with every inch of my body.

This kiss wasn't one of the nice ones, the ones that spark electricity, normally shared between Jimin and I.

"JEON Jungkook kiss me back." She muttered against my lips. "Or no deal."

I hesitated, before her hand wrapped around the back of my head and forcefully pushed me in.

foot steps could be heard in the distance, they stopped for a couple of seconds before dashing off to where they came back from.

I tore away from her grasp, wiping my lips as though they were infected. "Now leave me alone." I spat and walked off.

Then it hit me, what would I tell Jimin.

I should just tell him upfront, right? I mean honestly is the best policy.

But what if he reacts and doesn't want to talk to me?

But it could be worse if I don't say anything.

Well then what should I say?

Maybe something like..

Jimin, I have something to tell you. Today at school Yuri was bothering me again and she made me a deal, she would leave me, us alone forever if I kissed her. I took her up on it, but I promise I did it for us, for you. I promise you I hated every moment of the kiss. I'm so ashamed of what I did.

Yeah, that's good. Hopefully he will be understanding.

Once the bell rang I went in search of Jimin, but I couldn't find him.

I would just call him after school I guess, he probably felt sick.

Later that night I went home, I had already called him 5 times, no one picked up. Worry was starting to seep in. Tried another 3 or 4 times before giving up.

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