Nice to meet you

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Jungkook's POV:

"Ah hey Jungkook!" I looked up from the book i was reading to face Park Jimin. "Hey Jimin, what are you doing here?" I asked confused. "I'm hanging out with my old friend, what are you doing?" He said with a smile on his face. "I'm reading." I say bluntly gesturing to my book. Stupid. "Do you wanna join me and my friend? He offers and I have a short think about it. "Okay."

"I need to find a god damn bathroom before I burst, I'll catch up with you guys later!" Jimin called out, running off in search of a bathroom. I smile, classic Jimin.

"So how did you and Jimin meet?"Seonyeon asks turning to me. "I accidentally messaged him, then we found out we attended the same school." She laughs. "That's cute, sound like a story on wattpad."

"What's wattpad?" I ask frowning. "Don't worry about it, so what do you think of Jimin?" She asks as we walk along the path. "He's sweet, kind, cute..." I trail off. "And attractive?" Seonyeon jumps. I nod. "Do you like Jimin?" She asks a cheeky look on her face. "Do you mean as a friend?" I stutter. "No you idiot, you know what I mean!" She says flicking the back of my head. "You can't tell him if I tell you okay?" She nods pretending her lips are a zipper and she's closing it and throwing away the key. "Yes I do like him." I say finally and she grins.

"Are you going to confess to him?"

"Maybe, but what if he rejects me?"

"Gotta take a chance Jungkook."

"If he rejects me its all your fault."

"And if he doesn't?"

I smile.

That will mean Park Jimin is mine.

Short AF update for you there so enjoy! Y'all are all sweet hearts for voting and commenting on my chapters. And we'll it's late and I have school tomorrow so I need to sleep.

Night chingus


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