The plan pt 2

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Seonyeon's POV:

As soon as I saw Jimin turn the corner and leave I grinned. I had one more surprise in store for him. I pulled out my phone and texted Jin. Moments later his car came into the car park. He got out and walked over holding 2 picnic baskets. "So which ones ours? And which ones Jimin's?" I ask smiling seeing his handsome face.

"This one is Jimin's, speaking of him where is he?" Jin asked slightly frowning. "He's getting changed, I have to wait here until he comes back." I say grabbing Jimin's basket from Jin's hand and setting it on the ground before pulling the cover off.

I grabbed the checkered red and white blanket and laid it on the ground, smoothing it out as Jin took out the plates and cutlery. I looked into the basket, checking out the food that was inside a large thermos so it would stay warm.

Jin and I sat there for a while talking and holding hands until we saw Jimin coming back.

He walked over and stopped when he noticed the picnic. "Did you do this?" He asked shocked. I nodded. "Anything for my best friend." I say smiling brightly. "Aww Seonyeon! Thank you!" He says pulling me into a tight hug. "You should thank Jin too.." I say wriggling out of his grasp. "Thank you Jin Hyung." He says facing Jin. Jin nods politely.

"Okay, so is currently 5:30 kookie will be here in 30 mins so we're gonna go, good luck park Jimin! Fighting!" I say pumping my fist in the air when I said fighting. "Fighting!" He replied back doing the same with his fist.

Jin and I waved good bye as we walked off, Jimin's silhouette slowly disappearing.

Jungkook's POV:

"Hyung slow down!" I called from behind Taehyung. We had just been at the mall when he suddenly wanted to go to the park. We started walking to the park but then Tae broke into a run and I had to chase him.

My legs were feeling rubbery and the cool air was burning my throat as I tried to catch up with Taehyung.

We reached the park and he disappeared. "Taehyung!" I yelled out, slightly lost. "Kim Taehyung! How dare you leave me! When I find you I'll-" I got cut off.

I was staring at the ground where a note was written in glow sticks. Jungkook, go this way. What? I thought to myself as I read the note. I followed the arrow and kept walking. A little further... The next message said. Almost there.... I kept walking until I saw a faint glow. Go to the glowing...

I slowly walked over there, it was a beautiful sight. The playground had been decorated with fairy lights and lanterns. Is this all for me? I was absolutely puzzled. I walked over to the swing set and stood next to one of the supports. I ran my fingers over the little fairy lights grinning. Who did this? 

"Pretty isn't it?" A familiar voice said behind me. I turned around to see park Jimin. "Yeah it's really pretty..." I reply walking over to him. "It's extremely beautiful, but not as beautiful as you Jungkook..." He said gripping my hand tightly sending a tingly feeling from my finger tips to my toes.

"Did you do this all for me?" I asked pointing to myself. Jimin nodded. A grin spread across my face. "Do you like it?" He asked looking deep into my eyes.

"Of course! Thank you park Jimin." I said bringing our foreheads together so they were resting on each other's. "Anything for you..."  He told me smiling. I placed my hand on the back of his head and pulled him in for a passionate kiss.

I felt his soft lips collide into my own. A warm feeling spreading through my body. I placed my hands on his small waist and he placed his hands over my shoulders deepening the kiss.

We both pulled away out of breath. He lead me a few metres away from the playground, onto a grassy area. "I thought we could have a picnic outside." He said smiling. He sat down pulling me down to sit next to him. He opened a basket and pulled out some food. 

Strawberries dipped in melted chocolate. I licked my lips and picked up a strawberry plunging into deep into the chocolate, coating it chocolate. I popped it in my mouth and savoured the taste. Wow.

"Um Jungkook I need to ask you something."

"Okay sure!"

"Will you..will my boyfriend?"

My eyes opened wide. I was shocked.

"It's ok if you don't want to..." He trailed off.

"No! I'll be your boyfriend." I cut in.


"Of course, your the most important thing to me."


I'm dying cause I did a solo audition for Arts Fest and they said they'd post the winner on the Arts Fest board but I didn't get to see it. And they said they'd email me, or the whole team idk. But they said they'd email. And I'm dying cause I'm waiting for this email.


It's super painful.


I'm gonna sleep



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