Truth or lie

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Jimin's POV:

I swallowed the huge lump in my throat.

"Just stop apologising."

"Why? I did something wrong didn't i?"

I bit my lip, he wasn't a backstabbing cheater after all.


The best word to describe how I could only feel.

Jungkook I'm sorry.

"Ah Jungkook?"

"Yes baby?"

He grinned.

Stop grinning please.

"I um, have something to tell you but I don't want to say it here, so I'll get dressed and we can go."

He nodded and grinned.

"I'll wait outside for you Jiminie."

He turned and left and I walked back into Taehyungs room. He was just causally sitting on the bed, staring at his phone.

"Are you gonna tell him?"

I nodded and swallowed the huge lump in my throat.

"If he does anything to you, call me."

I nodded and grabbed my clothes and put them on before leaving the apartment.

"Ready to go?"

I forced a smile and took Jungkook's hand in mine as we took a short walk to his car.

I got in the car and I felt tears pricking my eyes.

Jungkook noticed my glossy eyes and looked at me with concern.

"Jimin are you ok?"

And that's when I lost it.

Tears cascaded down my face as I felt the guilt pressuring me.

"Baby! What's wrong?" He grabbed my hand and kissed my cheek, wiping away my tears.

"I'm scared."

"Why are you scared?"

"I'm scared you'll hate me."

"That's stupid! Why would I hate you?!"

"Because I-"


"I cheated on you with Taehyung yesterday."

Jungkooks POV:

My mouth went dry.

I pulled my hand away from him.

"D-do you hate me?"

My eyes hardened into a glare.

"Get the fuck out of my car."

"But Jungkook!"

"Get out."

He sighed in defeat and got out closing the door softly.

I looked straight and pressed on the gas pedal speeding off.

Jimin I fucking hate you.


Jimin: Jungkook

Jimin: I'm sorry.

Jimin: I wasn't thinking.

Jimin: please reply.

Jimin: I don't have any feelings for Taehyung.

Jimin: I was just upset cause I saw you.

Jimin: please understand.

Jimin: I still love you...

Jungkook: don't patronise me.

Jimin: I'm not! I really do love you!

Jungkook: don't text me again.

Jungkook: don't talk to me again.

Jungkook: don't think of me ever again.


SHORT as f chapter cause I couldn't add much more.

I thought this was a good spot to leave it off.

Good news guys.

It's the holidays so f yeah.

So that means 3 weeks of more updates.

Right now I'm in a emo mood cause like Troye sivans music is so good it inspired me to updates.

Go listen to these if you don't already:
- COLOURS (Halsey)
- Youth (Troye Sivan)
- talk me down (Troye)
- wild (troye)
- fools (Troye)
- castle (Halsey)

These are my emo songs

Also y'all got musically? I'm obsessed with this kid on musically, he is cute as f.

Levi or @socialrecall SocialRecall

On musically.

Mines (lol self promo)

Also I'm going to Bali for the holidays.

Omg can't believe I forgot to say this!

I got SVT tickets!!!!

*throws party*

Ok I've got nothing else to say so bye!

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