Night sky

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Jimin's POV:

I walked hand in hand back to Jungkook's house.

"So did you have fun?" I asked looking up at him

"Yeah I did. It was amazing." He leaned in and gave me a short sweet peck.

"I'll see you tomorrow, goodnight Kookie."

"Wait. Do you want to stay the night? I mean cause it's late."

I grinned "sure. Will your parents mind?"

"No they're out of town."

I watched as he unlocked the door and turned the handle, revealing the inside of his house.

We took off our shoes and he lead me upstairs and into his room.

"I'm quickly going to take a shower."Jungkook told me dissapearing into his bathroom.

I took off my hoodie and hung it on his chair. I heard the shower turn on and the sound of running water. I sat down on his bed, feeling it sink under my weight. My gaze wandered around the room as I sat. I stood up noticing he had a balcony. I pulled away the curtains and pulled on the handles, the doors swinging wide open.

The view from his house was breath taking. You could see the bright lights of the city in the distance. The moon shone brightly making the dark eerie night a little less dark and eerie.

"Nice isn't it?" Jungkook stood next to me, in a t shirt and shorts, water droplets hanging onto his hair. "Yeah." I lean on the railing, looking up at the sky.

He came up behind me, wrapping his strong arms tightly around me. Resting his chin on my shoulder. I grinned. I wish we could stay like this forever....

I could feel his hit breath on my neck as we gazed up at the sky. He let go grabbing my hand and pulling me inside. "Come on, it's late we should sleep."

I nodded and he got in bed and laid his still damp hair on his pillow. I walked over to the light switch and flicked it, shrouding the room in darkness. I slowly made my way over to the bed and got in.

A few moments later I felt a pair of muscular arms wrap around me. I turned over to face the brown haired boy. Wrapping my arms around him as well. He leaned in, placing his lips gently against mine.

"Goodnight Hyung..." He whispered

"Good night Jungkook...."

Okay! Okay! I know this chapter sucks. DONT YELL AT ME PLS.

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Since it's the first day of holidays I'm gonna do something special.

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