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Jungkook's POV;

I frowned for the tenth time this period. I didn't understand anything that was on the paper. I sighed, I should have studied. I put my hand on my forehead and leaned on my elbow, wrecking my Brain for any answer.

I was so going to fail this science test. I looked up to the clock and checked the time, 10 minutes left. I stared down at all my unanswered questions, there was no way I could finish.

Fuck, I should have studied. I'd answered all the questions I knew the answers too....or just thought I did. But the rest had me stumped.

There's no point in finishing, I give up.
I stopped trying to work out the answers and started doodling on the page. Who should I draw? Park Jimin. I started with his adorable face, making sure I got his sharp jawline correct.

Next I worked on his dark eyes, after that his mouth and nose. I made sure this hair covered his attractive face.

I started on the shoulders when the bell rang. FINALLY!

I collected my books and rushed to the front of the class to hand up my test, eager to see the boy I had just drawn.

I walked out into the corridor as students from all levels flooded in. I quickened my pace, eager to get to my locker, and to later see Jimin.

I turned the knob on my lock to the final number as I heard it click, I pulled down on the lock, and the locker swung open. I carefully placed my books back into my locker and grabbed my wallet to buy something from the canteen. Hoseok bought me this wallet.

I quickly walked to the canteen ecstatic to see Jimin again. I spotted him at a table with Taehyung and grinned at him, he beamed back and gave me a slight wave before going back to his conversation with Tae.

I grabbed my tray, thanking the servers and walked to Jimin's table. Luck was not on my side that day as I smashed into someone, spilling my soup all over them. Park Jungha, he had the foulest mood in the whole school.

I gulped, anxiously waiting for his reaction. He took a step back his eye brows curving his mouth opening wide. His eyes on his school jumper which was now drenched in soup. "I-I-I'm so sorry!" I stammered, all eyes were on me, my face burned as the blush rose to my cheeks.

The whole canteen was silent, watching his and my every move. "Sorry?" He scoffed, a deadly glare on his face. "Sorry doesn't fix my jumper." He spat. "Your going to pay...." He sneered, coming closer.

"Leave him alone Jungha." My head turned to follow the voice. Park Jimin. Jungha didn't say anything he just glared at Jimin and continued coming closer to me. "Didn't you hear me!? I said Leave Him alone." He said, his. Voice sounding dangerously low.

Jungha took another glance at me and backed away. "He won't always be around to protect you." He smirked. "If he's not there I'll be here." Taehyung spoke up standing up, his hands firmly on the table.

"One day both of you wont be there to help him, and then I'll get you." He sneered turning on his heel and leaving. "If they're both not there I'll save him." Another voice said from the entrance of the canteen. Kim Seonyeon. "What is it? Protect the bunny rabbit day today?" Jungha said sarcastically before leaving.

I watched as he walked away, watching the back of his head disappear as he left.

I sat down, slightly shaken up. "Jungkook are you okay?" Jimin asked sitting next to me. "Uh...sorta..." I reply looking at Jimin.

"So, I'm guessing you spilt soup on Park Jungha?" Seonyeon asks coming over. I nod and she hands me an apple. "Here, I know it's not soup but at least it's something."

I smile half heartedly, still a bit weary of her, since last time we talked. "What's wrong?" She asks frowning sitting down next to Taehyung who was opposite us. "It's just that, last time we talked, you almost murdered me for not telling you where I went." I explained looking away. "Yeah, sorry about that, not one of my best moments." She replies sheepishly.

I laugh a little and Jimin joins me in the laughter. "Thanks for standing up for me Jimin..." I smile looking deep into his amazing eyes. "Anything for you..." He grabs my hand tightly under the table. "And thank you too Tae, and Seonyeon." I reply, being sure not to forget them.

"Your welcome." They both reply. I turn back to Jimin, as he wraps his arms around me.

Now I feel safe...

I think to myself as I snuggle up into his chest.

Thank you Park Jimin.



I'm so tired so I'm literally going to sleep after I finish this.

I went over and read all my precious chapter and I realised something. I CANT USE GRAMMAR FOR SHIT. So I'll try and fix those.

I J-Hope you guys enjoyed this update.



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