new jikook book

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okay so an update on my life.

so i decided not to do a re write because apparently people liked my writing.

so thanks jiminjones

second, im back if you haven't noticed hello!

and third i have a new jikook book which i'm literally about to publish, its called phone, so far i've only written a teaser chapter but i have the whole plot worked out so i will try to write the chapters asap and update asap.

and finally while i was gone i ended up missing wattpad so i made another account,

the new account is mxnster_kookie  if you want to give it a follow



i've actually written some stuff on there which i'm actually kinda proud of.

but the only thing with my new account is i write about more mature and dark things so if you're not into that kinda stuff then please don't read my stuff on that account.

the stuff on this account will be more happy compared to the other stuff so i hope you guys enjoy.


so basically i was all hyped to start phone and then a huge writers block hit me. i'm not even joking i just don't like anything i write and can't think of anything which actually sucks so much.

but i started another jikook called name card

which is inspired by goblin so
check dat shit out


41K?! what!!!

love you guys

bye bye


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