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gguk_: help.

gguk_: i said, hELP.

_chim: wot

gguk_: do you know any dance moves, i'm stuck on this small section of choreo, i need to fill 2 counts of 8.

_chim: what if you put in some arm tutting, and then some popping and if you can do a flip or a trick.

_chim: use tutting to fill the first 8 counts and popping to fill the first 4 counts of the 2nd round of 8 counts and use the remaining 4 beats for the trick.

gguk_: that's an actually good idea

gguk_: do you dance?

_chim: yeah, my whole life.

gguk_: noice, i started in high school.

_chim: what's this dance for anyway?

_chim: for fun or school project

gguk_: a mix of both.

_chim: sounds good.

gguk_: because it is.

gguk_: gonna go choreograph, bye.


re write at 11:18 woo

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