Queasy feeling

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Jungkook: Jimin....

Jimin; hey kookie what's up

Jungkook: I don't feel good, I need you to come pick me up.

Jimin: what?! Where are you I'm coming.

Jungkook: outside the schools dance studio.

Jimin: what are you doing there it's a Saturday!!

Jungkook: I wanted to practise but now I just wanna go home

Jimin: alright I'm on my way, text me if you get any worse kookie.

Jungkook: okay thank you Jimin.

Jimin: Jimin HYUNG

Jungkook: okay fine. Jimin HYUNG.

Jimin: that's better bye.

Jungkook: bye.

10 minutes later.

Jungkook's POV:

"Jimin where the hell are you?" I muttered to myself, feeling the heat raiding off my hot body. I was just practising and after I did a flip I felt extremely queasy, then my forehead started to heat up, and my body started to ache. I honestly didn't know who to call besides Jimin. I dropped my black duffle bag by my side and scanned the road for Jimin's car.

A few moments later he pulled up and I got inside the car. "Kookie! Are you okay?!" He asked his voice full of worry. "No not really, please take me home." I asked feeling my self becoming hotter and my body aching more. Jimin nodded and started the car again, the queasy feeling intensifying as we drove along.

Once we arrived at my house I dashed out of the car, fumbling with my keys as I tried to open the door to let my self in. Once I got the key to fit in the key hole I desperately turned it, hoping he hear that click, and when I finally heard it I ran inside like a maniac and went straight to the bathroom, pulling my head down to the toilet bowl.

And I let it all out.

Hi guys, hears a rubbish story to keep you busy for today. I hope you liked it. And well, idk I don't have more to say.




Ps. HevidaBay jikook_9795 love you sweets.

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