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gukk_: hey chim shit

chim_: i'm gonna pretend you didn't say that. waz gud ma fam.

gguk_: don't say that every again.

gguk_: but holy shit i went to the library after school today, and the public library i go to happens to be in a uni.

gguk_:there was a boy there today, he was so damn cute.

_chim: u gay?

gguk_: yeh i'm queer and im here.

_chim: anothing thing we have in common, i'm also gay. cause gay is yay.

gguk_: i chOKed.

gguk_: "because gay is yay" god bless you

_chim: how about you bless me instead ;)

gguk_: i give u a compliment and u do dis

gguk_: y r u like this.

gguk_: i take back my blessing

_chim: nooooo, give it back i love youuuu

gguk_: gAAAAY

_chim: that's barely an insult we're both gay.

_chim: gay as fuck.

_chim: like you have it bad for uni boy.

gguk_: don't even get me started on uni boy, fuck he was cute.

_chim: not as cute as me ;)

gguk_: no.

re writing this shit is giving me nostalgia.

on how much i sucked back then bah.

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