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_chim: hey dongsaeng.

gguk_: ah fuck

gguk_: i thought i was gonna get away with not having to deal with annoying people today.

_chim: rOOd

gguk_: k.

_chim: did u just 'k' me then full
stop me, scuSe mE

gguk_: yesssssss

_chim: such disrespect.

_chim: for your elders.

gguk_: you're two years older than me that hardly makes you old.

_chim: i didn't say i was old.

gguk_; sure gramps.

_chim: 'gramps' has to go to dance practise and bust a hip.

gguk_: 'gramps' should stop talking himself in third person.

_chim: i hate you.

gguk_: the feelings mutual.


chapter 2 rewritten

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