Drunk pt 2

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Seonyeon's POV:

"YAH GET OFF ME!!" I yelled trying to pry the drunk orange haired boy off me.


"Omg where the hell is Jungkook!?" I muttered to myself as Jimin continued to grab me.

I heard a faint knock on the door. Finally! Help me Jungkook!

"It's unlocked!" I yelled as loudly as I could, hoping he heard.


"OMG Jungkook finally! Now get him off me!" I wailed.

He laughed for a split second before I shot him a death glare. After he saw it he stopped and helped pry Jimin off me.

Jungkook's POV:

"J-J-Jungkook?" Jimin stuttered, not being able to talk properly.


"Your arms are so buff."

I raised an eyebrow confused, until I teased he was gripping onto my arms.

"Wow, I had no idea you were so sexy..." He trailed off.

"What the hell!" Seonyeon exclaimed looking disgusted.

"Um...thank you?" I replied awkwardly.

"I want.....you....to...fuck me."

Seonyeon's jaw dropped.

My face burned, like my cheeks were pits of fire.

"Now." Jimin continued throwing me on the couch.

"No, not now Jimin." I replied firmly pushing him off me.

"Why not!" He yelled.

"Cause your drunk!" I yelled back.

"Quick Seonyeon! Grab him!" I told her and she lunged at him, grabbing him arm and pining it to the ground.

I grabbed the his other and pinned it to the floor.

"Okay so what now?" Seonyeon asked confused.

"We take him to his room and keep him in there. The two of us will stay here overnight and check on him tomorrow" I told her pulling Jimin up.

"Fine, lets go bring him to his room."
We grabbed his arms, he restrained and kicked around but we kept a strong hold.

Once we got upstairs Seonyeon lead me to his room and we threw him on the Bed before leaving and locking the door.

"So we stay here all night, till tomorrow?" Seonyeon asked

I nodded. "All night."

Oh shit Jimin getting Horny AF for kookie. Idk my friend is telling me to add smut but I don't really wanna.

Lol kookie and Seonyeon spending all night TOGTHER. I promise shit won't go down.





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