Kim Seonyeon

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??? POV:

"Park Jimin!" I yelled out. The orange haired boy spun around, his face of confusion slowly turning into a smile. "Seonyeon!" He called back, rushing over and pulling me into a hug. "Ok,0k I get it you missed me. You can let go now." I told him backing away. "Sorry Seon." He replied sheepishly.

"Since when are you back in Korea?" He asked as we strolled down the street. "Since last Tuesday." I reply simply feeling happy to be back. "So when are you going back to Australia?" He questioned, a hint of sadness in a voice. "I'm not, I'm going to stay here." I reply with a smile expectant of Jimin's reaction. "WAIT SERIOUSLY!?" I nod laughing. "YAY!" He cheers pulling me into yet another hug.

We find a cafe and sit down at one of the back tables, catching up with each other. "It's so good to have you back!" Jimin said flashing his eye smile. "It's good to be back!" I say happily. The door to the cafe opens and the little bell that hangs on top rings. Jimin's eyes flicker to the door and back to me. His grin is even wider.

Confused I spin around and look at the boy who just walked in. I turn back around to face Jimin and continue talking about Australia, but I know he's not focused. His eyes keep flickering towards the boy and back to me. Somethings up.

"Jimin do you know that boy?" I ask raising an eye brow. "Uh what? No." He stutters. "Riiiiight." I say rolling my eyes. "What is it that your not telling me." I say firmly wanting an answer. "Ugh fine, I know that boy he goes to my school." He huffs. "Anything else I should know?" I ask smirking. "I have a crush on him..." He mumbles. "What?" I ask.

"I have a crush on him." He says louder. "Nope still can't hear you." I say cheekily. "I have a crush on him!" He says even louder. "Okay cool."

"Now go introduce me to him."


Oh my god this chapter SUCKS I hate it so much. Btw SeonYeon is Jimin's best friend, well was, until she moved to Australia. WHY DID I WRITE THIS CHAPTER?! Ugh so bad. I think I might delete it. I don't know yet.

Thanks to all the awesome ppl who give me support;

Okay now for me to go write more crap. Byeee


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