The call

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We were lounging downstairs on the couch watching TV. Or at least I was watching TV, Jimin had fallen asleep, his head rested against my shoulder, his chest heaving up and down as he took breaths. The lights were off, the light of the TV illuminating his face.

I felt bad for him, he was so tired, it was only 5:30pm. My phone that was lying next to me began to vibrate. I checked the caller ID, Eomma flashed in big white words on the screen, I placed my finger on the screen and answered it, bringing the phone to my ear.

"Mum! How's America!" I greeted smiling. "Hey Honey! It's great, Um I called because I need to break some news to you." She explained.

"Okay. Go ahead!" I replied.

"Honey we're-"

My eyes widened, a numb feeling spread around my body.

N-n-no, it can't be. No, I must be dreaming. No. I-I

"Kook?" My mum asked, confused since I wasn't answering my phone.

Without noticing, the grip on my phone loosened causing it to slip out of my hand.

I regained consciousness and grabbed my phone.

"B-B-But why?" I asked almost sobbing into the phone

"Honey, it's not us, it's your fathers job, just please cooperate with us!" She said half pleading half trying to calm me down.

"Mum, I really c any go through with this. Not now, not ever, there's no way!" I cried into the phone.

I heard a quiet sigh over the phone.

"Kookie, you really have no choice, I am your mother and what I say goes, you will go through with this, with us. You have 3 weeks." She said firmly causing a choked sob to make its way out of my throat.

"Whatever. Bye." Coldness seeped into my voice as I hung up.

This was a disaster.

I sighed seconds before a loud yawn broke through the silence. "Oh sorry Hyung I woke you up." I apologised.

"That's ok kookie, I'm gonna go upstairs and sleep I'm so tired." I nodded and gave him a peck on the cheeks before he walked up the stairs and into his room.

I heated the door close shut and I sighed.

A disaster can't even begin to describe what this is.....

I'm gonna hate my self for doing this to the story. Sigh.

Anyway I was stupid over the weekend and didn't bring all my history research shit home, so now I'm doing it tonight. (Last minute) it's due on Tuesday, today is Monday. I AM SCREWED IF I DONT FINISH IT.

So anyway, I'm heading into school now and just thought I'd write an update since I've gotten so much support lately. Thanks guyssss.

Okay bye.


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