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Jimin's POV:

I zipped up my now empty suitcase and left it in the corner of my room. "Jungkook!" I called out, wanting him to come to the room to chat.

No reply, I frowned. "Jungkook!" I called out again. Still no reply. Confused, I walked out of the room, looking for Jungkook.

I found him sitting quietly on the couch, staring at the wall. "You okay kookie?" I ask walking to the front of him. A hard cold glare on his face.

He didn't reply. "Kookie..." I began softly, sitting down next to him. "What." He spat giving me a glare. I was slight taken back. What happened? More importantly did I do something?

"Did I do something?" I asked looking up at him. "I don't know, why don't you tell me!" He shot back avoiding my eyes.

"Your going to have to tell me." I reply firmly. "Your phone. Your phone. You got a notification and I was about to hand it to you. When your phone was still on I looked down and saw the notification." He said a glare still on his face.

"So a notification made you mad?" I asked confused. "No you Pabo! Ugh! Just check for yourself." He said storming off.

I grabbed my phone anxious to see what had pissed him off. I turned it on and checked the notification.

I sighed. Not again. Now I had to explain to Jungkook about Yuri. The girl simply wouldn't leave me alone! I had told her countless times I didn't like her. But no, she still persisted.

"Wait Kookie!" I called up after him, rushing up to his room. When I got up there he was outside on the balcony, just looking around.

"Jungkook!" I called again walking out to the balcony. "Let me explain." I pleaded. "Fine." He said bluntly.

"Yuri is this girl who won't leave me alone! I've told her 1, I'm gay and 2, I have a boyfriend but she won't leave me alone! Trust me! You can even check our text messages!" I explained handing him my phone.

He looked down at the phone for one second, he looked back up at me and handed me back the phone. "Aren't you going to check?" I asked confused.

"No I trust you, Park Jimin."

Enjoy the shitty update. That was half completed at 3:15 am.

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