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Jimin's POV:

"Wait....what do you want me to do?" I ask raising an eyebrow. Seonyeon sighed. "Jin and I were going to go out with Nam Joon and his date, but now they can't make it, so why don't you come along." She explains. "Do I have to?" I reason reluctant to go. "Park Jimin! What kind of best friend are you! I've asked for your help and you even benefit from it!" She says her voice rising.

"How do I benefit from it?" I ask confused. "I thought you would have gotten smarter when I came back but clearly not." Seonyeon replies rolling her eyes. "You can bring a date, Jungkook." She said finally.

A date? With Jungkook? Thoughts whizzed around my head. I wasn't for the idea but I wasn't against it either.

"Are you going to invite him or not!?" She snapped bringing me away from my thoughts. "Uh...fine." I give in. "Call him, and tell him now." She says sternly. "Why now!" She glares at me and I know all protest is useless.

I fish my phone out of my pocket and find Jungkook's phone number. I press dial and wait as ku rings.

After the 3rd ring he picks up.

"Hi Jimin! What's up?"

"Hey Jungkook, are you free this weekend?"

"Yeah I am, why?"

"Would you like to go on a...date...with me....?"

okay I know I didn't update all day and this is a pretty shit excuse for an update but I'm sorry. I was super busy, and lazy. And if this has typos in it, I'm sorry but I'm too tired to change it.

Next terrible chapter is the Jung Hoseok chapter.

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