Guilty deeds

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Aye y'all wanted it so here it is.

24 hours earlier.....


I smirked at Taehyung through the window of the corridor that looked into his classroom. I was bothering him as he took a test, pulling funny faces as he shot daggers back at me. Serves him right, I was just copying what he had done to me in the past.

I decided to stop pestering Taehyung and go check out the new renovations to the library.

As I approached the newly furnished library, i immediately saw the changes. The old sliding doors had been replaced with automatic glass doors, that opened as I was welcomed into the library.

I sat down at one of the new touch screen computers and googled something before logging off to explore more of the library.

I headed to the very back shelves as I heard they put a reading area back there, equipped with iBooks on iPads.

As I walked through the rows of shelves my arm accidentally brushed past a book causing it to fall off the shelf. Oops better put it back. I retraced my steps and picked up the book before looking at the shelf it got from


The book landed back on the floor. I was frozen, paralysed, unable to move, and I hated it.

My heart completely shattered, it felt as though part of me was breaking. He lied.

Through the tiny crack of the shelf I saw Jungkook. Pressed up against a bookshelf, kissing another girl.

The tears welled up in my eyes and it felt as though I could barely breathe. I ran out of that library, my vision blurry. Once I left I completely broke down more than before. I flung myself against a wall my back coming in contact, sliding down the wall and bring my knees to my chin. I sat there as I wailed silently.

Questions jabbed at my brain like a never ending game of torture.

Did he even love me?

Is he even gay?

Why? Was I not good enough?

Her? Who is she?

Choked up wails escaped my chest as I got up and started running again. I ran and didn't stop.

My whole body screamed at me to stop but I didn't listen. I tripped slightly and my body was sent hurtling to the floor. And I continued to sob until Taehyung found me.

Back to now.....

(A/N: I don't have very much experience writing smut, so I tried. Sorry if it sucks. ;) MidnightShimmer_ )

Smut begins now (skip it if you need to)

"Shut up and kiss me Taehyung."

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