Where are you?

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Jungkook's POV:

I groaned, it was not a good idea to stay up late last night. I rubbed my eyes as I tried to stay awake. I groaned again and flopped back down into a lying position. I closed my eyes and went back to sleep.

An hour later, when the sun was shining brightly into my room I woke up. I yawned and sat up. I pulled the covers off and staggered out of my room, hungry to eat some food.

I opened the fridge, still like a zombie and took out the yogurt. I got a bowl from the drawer and some muesli from  the pantry. I scooped out some yogurt and poured some muesli on top.

I grabbed some fruit and sliced it before putting it on top of the muesli. Satisfied with my breakfast I walked upstairs, gripping the bowl tightly incase I slipped.

I sat on my desk and opened my laptop,   I began watching some videos while I munched on my muesli. Suddenly a thought Came into my head. Where the hell is Park Jimin? I hadn't seen him all morning. I put my half empty bowl down and stood up.

I walked down the hallway and stopped outside Jimin's room. I knocked quietly, no response. I knocked louder, no response. "Jimin?" I called out, nothing but a mere silence replied back. What the f! I frowned and boldly pulled the handle down, opening the door.

The door swung open, revealing an empty room. Jimin's stuff was still here but no sign of Jimin. I walked back upstairs and collected my phone and shot a quick text to Jimin.

Jungkook; Jimin where are you?

A second later my phone vibrated again.

! Message not sent !

What the?!

A confused look crossed my face.

Where the hell could he be?

Jimin's POV;

"Woooohoooooo!" I cheered as we sped down the water slide. The sunlight starting to seep in, as we neared the end. "Yeah!" Chanted Seonyeon as we crashed into the oncoming wave at the bottom.

"That was...AWESOME!" I yelled and Seonyeon laughed. "Come one lets do the zip line." I nodded and followed her through the crowd. Since we bought express passes we didn't have to wait in line. We walked up the tower till we reach the top, which overlooked the whole adventure park.

"Ladies first." I offered making a hand gesture. Seonyeon chucked, "thank you." She curtsied and it was my turn to laugh. She got up on the platform and gripped the handles tightly. "Let's see who does a better dismount." She bets narrowing her eyes.

"Your on, loser buys ice cream." I say and she nods. "Watch and learn." She snickers as she takes a few steps back for a run up. She runs forward and jumps off the tower still holding on, she glides over the park until she's directly over the landing pool. She lets go, doing a double flip and plunging into the water.

"Beat that" she mouths. "Gladly." I mouth back smirking. I step onto the platform and get a run up before leaping off and zip lining over the park, once I reach the landing zone I do 2 back flips before I plunge into the water.

Once I surface people are cheering, but they also cheered for Seonyeon. I swim to the edge of the pool and get out standing next to Seonyeon. "Best 2/2? Person who gets the loudest cheer wins." Seonyeon says confidence lacing her voice. "Alright, your going down." I trash talk. She scoffs. "I'm gonna crush you like a bug."

Back at the top of the tower Seonyeon offers me the chance to go first which I take, "take notes." I shoot before turning around and taking off. I glide the whole way down backwards and do 3 front flips on the dismount, I get aloud cheer from the crowd. I grin. I've got this in the bag.

Or not....

I watched as Seonyeon took off, she was spinning my eyes widened. Damn it! I mentally cursed. For her dismount she spun around twice and flipped twice before entering the water, the crowd when ballistic, I sighed in defeat.

She surface and made her hands like a gun. She put the tips of her pointer and index finger to her lips and blew, like she was blowing away the smoke from a gun she just shot from.

"Okay you win!" I sighed in defeat.

"You owe me an ice cream mister."

"Okay, okay let's go get one now."

"Sounds good to me."

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