Caught dreaming.

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It was Spring, everything was in full bloom, the sky bright and clear. My foot steps crunched along the gravel. My hands intertwined with another's hand. I smiled as we walked along the path the cool air brushing across my slightly flushed cheeks.

My eyes travelled towards him. Staring at his features, his dark hair, his pale skin, his adorable smile. "Yah! Please don't stare! Your making me embarrassed.." He said trying to hide his face. "'Sorry, I was just staring at a masterpiece..."

He blushed gripping my hand tighter. We both faced each other, knowing what was coming next, his hands moved down to my waist as I rested mine on his shoulders, I stared lovingly into his eyes as we both moved closer, until the gap was no more. His cool breath on my lips as they came in contact, his soft lips moulding into mine.

"Park Jimin...I love you...."

"PARK JIMIN!" The teacher yelled as I was snapped out of my day dream and back into reality. "Sorry, Mr Gu, I was distracted." I apologised. "Clearly." He said his lips forming into a thin line. "See me after class." I sighed, now I was in trouble.

"Park Jimin, so what had you so distracted in class?" The teacher asked frowning. "Um, my friend got sick yesterday I was just worried about him." I said looking down, it was half of the truth.  "It's great that you're worried about but just focus in class okay?" He said his tone softening. I nodded and got excused from the class.

My phone vibrated in my pocket. Jeon Jungkook. My heart skipped a beat as I pulled my phone out of my pocket. I grinned.

Jungkook: I hope your having a good day Hyung. I miss you heaps

Jimin: I'm having a good day now that I heard from you, I miss you too, I'll See you after school.

Jungkook: that's a whole 3 hours away.

Jimin: be patient kookie

Jungkook; okay I'll try.

Jimin: I got caught day dreaming in Mr Gu's class.

Jungkook: what were you dreaming about?

Jimin: uh...this boy I like

Jungkook: okay...can I have a name?

Jimin: no not really.

Jungkook: oh okay.

Jimin: can I ask you something kookie?

Jungkook: sure

Jimin: how do you know if you really like someone?

Jungkook: well explain to me how you feel around this person you like.

Jimin; extremely happy, nervous, and so on

Jungkook: do you want to have a relationship with this person?

Jimin: uh I don't know yet...

Jungkook: do you get butterflies? Do your palms get sweaty? Do you feel affection for this person?

Jimin: Yes, yes and yes

Jungkook: do you want to spend a lot of time with this person? Do you want to be close to this person or hang around with him all the time?

Jimin: yes.

Jungkook: you like this person

Jimin: oh great.

Jungkook: that sounds super sarcastic To me

Jimin: it is, idk if he likes me back

Jungkook; you'll have to figure that one out on your own.

Jimin: yeah guess so.

Jungkook: see you later jimin, I have to take my medication.

Jimin: bye.

I'm sorry if this has mistakes I wrote it at 1:45 am. And Im super thankful to all the ppl who give me support. And genuinely like this crap. I don't know, sometimes I just don't feel like my writing is good enough.
Anyway, my eyes are slowly closing

So bye



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