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Jungkook:Jimin, what are you doing right now?

Jimin: nothing much, just finished dance practise

Jungkook: so you're free?

Jimin: um...actually no, I'm supposed to meet my friend Taehyung in like and hour.

Jungkook; oh.

Jimin; sorry, maybe I could ask him if you can come?

Jungkook: really?! Thank you so much Jimin!

Jimin: sure just give me a minute.

New message to Taehyung:

Jimin: Hey Taehyung, can my friend join us today.

Tae Tae: sure, what's his name

Jimin; Jungkook.

Tae Tae; okay, I'll see both of you soon.

Jimin; bye Tae!

Message with Jungkook:

Jimin: he said yes

Jungkook; YAY

Jimin: your such a little kid sometimes.

Jungkook: AM NOT

Jimin: there we go, further evidence.

Jungkook: YOURE MEAN

Jimin: uh huh. Sure I am.

Jungkook; anyway should I come over to your house before we go see Taehyung?

Jimin: sure. See you soon. I gotta shower

Jungkook: OKI! BYEEEE

Jimin: bye kookie.

Omg ew, this one sucks so much anyway, enjoy. I think. I don't know.

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Bye guys


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