Chapter 23

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Chapter 23

    We were all now taking our positions as King Theoden and Haldir, with assistance of the fellowship, had set out our battle plan. Everyone knew where they were to go and everyone began to ready their weapons. I walked the wall of Helms Deep before I found Legolas and Gimli already stood in position. I walked behind him put my hand on his shoulder to know I was here and he turned and smiled when he saw me. He took my hand in his and squeezed it. He looked a little less hopeful than I thought he would of but Legolas would fight no matter what.

     “I’ll just be over here. Stay safe,” I ordered to him seriously and he looked at me a little worried. I think he wanted me to stay by him but I thought it would be better if I fought by Aragorn or Haldir. Legolas put his hand on my back gently and I leant up and kissed him on the lips. When I pulled away I had the full urge to kiss him again but I knew there were more important things to do.

     The skies were growing a lot darker and were crowding above me and made me feel a little sick. I had never fought a battle in dark, not like this battle about to begin. I found a large gap in the line where the soldiers were stood and placed myself there. There still was a gap but I would keep it. I looked to my left and right to see who I would be fighting by and saw the man I spoke to earlier, the man who didn’t have hope. I was really hoping he didn’t get in my way but I mostly wished that he had hope now. On the other side of me there were many elves before there were men which I didn’t mind. I knew the elves trained and would be used to fighting.

    I looked ahead of me and looked out across the field. Already, with the sky dark and the clouds darkening even more, the enemy was getting closer and within a few minutes; they were crossing over the fields to us. Aragorn strode past me and he double took a look to see me. I smiled and he stood behind me and put his hand on my shoulder. We both looked out and I took a deep breath in. I was hoping Aragorn would stay by me whilst I fought but I knew that he would be elsewhere. He leant on me and kissed me gently on my cheek.

    “I’ll be close by. Just be careful ok Vina?” He asked me. I nodded and I put my hand on his and he lifted it up, kissing it and then lowering it before he walked off down the line. I took a deep breath in turned to face the oncoming army. They were very close and the battle would start any time soon. Thunder pounded from the darkness above us and I saw the man next to me jump. A flash of lightning caught my eye as it reflected off the leader of the orcs’ chest body armour. He climbed up a big rock that was sat in front of them and then raised his arm, readying his own army. Cold rain began to hammer down on us and it made my own armour feel a lot heavier. I tucked my shirt into the back of my trousers, which I already knew would fall out as soon as I began to fight.

    “A Eruchîn, ú-dano i faelas a hyn an uben tanatha le faelas!” Aragorn told us all as he walked up and down the line of elves and men. The orcs began to stamp their spears hard onto the ground causing quite an intimidated front. Aragorn took out his sword and everyone, me and the elves, drew our bows and aimed them at the orcs. I pulled three arrows out of my quiver and strung them in my bow. The man next looked at me in question and I stayed looking at the orcs. I had practised before how to fire more than one bow when I was in Lorien before but I guess the men here hadn’t seen it before.  We all waited but an older man lost his grip and his arrow went flying through the air and hit an orc straight in the neck. Aragorn shouted for them to hold their fire but in my opinion, for the age of the man, it wasn’t a bad shot. The orc flopped to the ground with a thud and it wound the others other making them growl angrily. {Show them no mercy. For you shall receive none}

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