Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

    “Gandalf” I gasped, sitting up straight. I winced a little as it pulled on my side. I rubbed my eyes and remembered where I was. I was in my bed in Lorien, the fellowship around me, asleep. Everyone but Gandalf that was. I rubbed my head and whipped the sweat off of my head. It was around midnight and the sky was grey.

    I looked around, seeing if anyone had seen me wake up but Gimli was snoring loudly, the Hobbits fast asleep, Legolas asleep leaning against a tree and Boromir was the only other person I could see asleep. I couldn't see where Aragorn was sleeping. I lifted up my shirt and looked down at the scare that was beginning to form. Helainan had taken the stitches out the night before as she said it had healed enough. She said the skin around would be sore but I didn't know it would be this rough.

    I pulled the blankets to one side and then swung my legs off of my bed. I had moved to a spot higher up earlier that night. I looked around at the Hobbits who were sleeping happily, their breathing was quite soothing. I looked at Frodo and I felt something pull me. It was not a physical pull but something else was whispering to me. I got up from my bed, as my body did what it wanted, and then went over to Frodo. He was curled up in a little ball. The pull got stronger and soon I found myself reaching out for the ring. I took it in my hand and turned it in my fingers. It was speaking to me, telling me I should put it on, avenge the people who have done wrong to me, it was telling me it will help find my father. The offer sounded very appealing and its voice was so mesmerising that...

    “No!” I said, throwing the ring away from me and it bounced on Frodo's chest. I shuffled back on the floor and away from Frodo. What had I just done? What was I doing? What was I thinking of? I felt so bad, my head felt heavy and my heart was thudding. I put my knees up and put my elbows on them, covering my face with my hands.

    “Vina,” someone said from behind me. I jumped and spun around on the floor to see Aragorn smoking his pipe by his bed, I had forgotten he was by Gimli. I looked at him, panicked, but he was calm. It made me scared that he might have been watching me all this time. I just stared at him.

    “How much of that did you see?” I whispered to him. He blinked and looked down at the Hobbits.

     “All of it,” he simply said. I looked down and hung my head in shame, I looked up slightly, so just my eyes were looking at Aragorn and he gestured for me to come over to him. I got up from the floor and sat down on the edge of the bed. Aragorn looked older than the last time I saw him, but I guess it was a while ago. However, his eyes were still the same and his expressions were soft. Neither of us spoke for a while, I just stared out into the distance.

    “Please don't think badly of me Aragorn,” I whispered. And he looked at me and put his pipe away from his mouth. He looked at me, question and concern on his face.

    “I do not think badly of you Vina. There is no way I could ever think bad of you. But I do have a question to test,” he stated. I looked up at him, question now on my own face. I was glad that he didn't think bad but what was his question? “What made you stop?” he asked. I took the words in and looked over at the Hobbit I just tried to rob from. I thought what had actually stopped me.

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