Chapter 21

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Chapter 21

   I woke, strangely quite earlier than I would of, but I was not comfortable sleeping where I was. Sleeping openly in the dark, really made me feel uneasy even though I had most of the fellowship with me. My eyes opened and I blinked several times so I could see in front of me. The sky was still dark with only a dark purple light. I was still laid on Legolas and I looked up to his face to see he was actually still asleep. His arms had dropped to his side and I was resting on him gently, he looked so peaceful when he slept that I could have watched him all day but instead I chose to listen to my grumbling stomach and slowly got up off of him and stood up. Thankfully, he didn’t wake up, he just turned a little on the blankets we were lay on.

   I slowly wrapped another spare blanket around me shoulders and stepped around Gimli who was still snoring his head off, as usual. I looked around to see only a few fires lit and only a few people were awake. Mainly men were awake, some drinking from flasks and other on guard. There were five men who were stood to the far left end of the plain and they were preparing food for the women and children; cooking it ready for when they woke. I felt my stomach grumble again and I looked down at it, rubbing it soothingly. I looked over at the men and then pulled my blanket tighter around me. I slowly made my way over to the men and they were all talking. I waited for them to stop talking, as it would have been rude just too but in, and then coughed a little so I caught one of their attentions.

     “Is it not possibly too early to serve food?” I asked the young looking gentlemen. He quickly brushed back his hair and wiped his mouth trying to make himself look more respectable. I laughed and he blushed a little.

    “No, of course not, my Lady. There’s nothing very special though,” He said to me, grabbing a bowl and with a ladle he scooped out some warm soup from a cauldron that was sat on the fire. I smiled and sat down on an up-turned barrel next to the fire.  He handed me my bowl and I took it carefully, trying not to spill it all. He went to offer me some bread but I shook my head politely.

   “No thank you, I have some Lembas bread to spare,” I said, reaching into my pocket and pulling out a slice of Lembas. He looked at me funny and knew he wanted to ask me a question. “Speak your question sir,” I said to him. He looked a little taken back but I gave him a reassuring smile and he put his hands together.

   “What lands are you from? I can tell you are not from Gondor, for you do not speak as one of them. You speak softly like an elf, but you are of mankind. I don’t want to seem rude but it interests me, and of others here,” he analysed. I smiled and finished the mouthful of food, swallowing it quickly.

   “You are correct; I am neither from these lands, nor Gondor or any land of the elves. I was born in the old Northern Kingdom when it once stood tall. But even when I was young, we moved away and I have travelled around ever since. I have spent many years with elves and grown up learning the language. Strange I must seem to anyone who I come across,” I chuckled a little. The man nodded his head and chuckled with me. The other men had been listening it seemed and they too nodded their head and laughed. I smiled at them and few of them came and joined us, taking a seat with a bowl of their own food. It was actually strange that I was eating, normally I wouldn’t eat in the morning.

    “I wonder if that is why you are not alike other women. You sure don’t hit like one,” a man to my left said to me. I raised my eyebrow and then realised that he was one of the guards I had punched away from Gandalf. He had a short beard, with a slight darkness to the bottom of his jawline. I rubbed the back of my neck a little in guilt and then looked back at him, but he didn’t look angry.

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