Chapter 35

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Chapter 35

        After a while the bath water began to slowly cool down and Legolas helped me out of the bath, wrapping me in a towel. He held me close to his chest and I looked up and into his eyes.  I was glad he had come to Gondor with the others but I had a bad feeling in the deep pit of my stomach that everything wasn’t going to last for long.

   Once I was dry, Legolas brought me some clothes into the room and laid them on the side. I was thankful he had gotten me some clean- new clothes. I had been wearing the same clothes over and over again for ages and they were beginning to wear down. I put them on my body and felt the warmth brace my skin. Just as I went to kiss Legolas, there was a knock on the door and I saw it annoyed him. We pulled away from our embrace and went into the other room. I put a blanket around my shoulders to keep me a little warmer and followed behind him. I stopped and sat down on a chair. Legolas opened the door slowly to show a soldier stood there.

    “Begging your pardon for disturbing you both, but Mithrandir requested you and Lady Aolavina in the main hall,” he said kindly. Legolas looked back at me and I nodded at him, telling him we’ll go. He nodded his head at the man silently and he turned and walked off. Legolas strolled over to me, putting a hand on my cheek and another hand on my waist.

     “When will we have time to ourselves?” he said with a hint of disappointment behind the joking tone. I looked at him in the eye and leant up to give him a gentle kiss on the lips. He meant so much to me and I just wanted to wrap up in a blanket with him and look over a beautiful sunset. But it wouldn’t last and by being requested to go to the main hall, something told me my hunch of everything not being over yet was going to unfold.

    Me and Legolas dressed ourselves in something warmer and left our room, heading up to the halls. I held my hand in Legolas’s and he squeezed it as I began to wonder my eyes. Some people were looking at us and I guess I could kind of understand seeing that they probably had never seen a human and an elf together. Legolas gave me an encouraging glance down and I rubbed up next to him - walking side by side.

    The doors were opened for us and we walked in the already tense room. It felt weird coming in this room now, thinking that Denethor would no longer sit on the throne. Legolas had told me about Denethor and how he tried to burn Faramir alive. It sent chills down my back at the thought. We walked further into the hall where we met up with Aragorn and Gimli. We headed towards them and to one side I could see Gandalf pacing and looking out of the window. I let Legolas’s hand slip and ran up to Aragorn, swinging my arms around him.

    “We were wondering where you two had gotten two. You look brighter Vina, the colour is returning to your cheeks,” Aragorn stated, cupping my cheek with his hands. I smiled and stroked a loose string of hair behind my ear. I turned and looked at Legolas.

    “It was Legolas. My personal healer,” I said jokingly and as I said it, the doors reopened and Eomer walked in. Eomer walked over to us and gave me a smile, a hidden message saying sorry behind it. Gimli placed himself on the throne and me and Legolas took our place next to him. I leant on the pillar that reached up to the ceiling of the hall and watched as Gandalf slowly strolled over to us. But he soon turned away.

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