Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

Aragorn's P.O.V

Lavina was carried by Haldir to a healing room just a floor above us, where she was looked at by a healer whilst me, Legolas and Gimli waited outside. We had followed her when she had crashed to the ground and saw that she had a deep wound from an arrow. We waited patiently for someone to come out and tell us what her condition was like but no one had come.

“Why didn't she tell us about her wound?” Legolas asked, pacing up and down the pebbled path in frustration. I could feel that Legolas was on edge and that he was very shocked that she was hurt. But it had also shocked me and made me fell really guilty. I saw her in pain earlier when I woke her up and saw/felt the temperature of her skin. Why hadn't I thought anything of it?

“She did not want to slow us down. She had a mission just like we do and she had to see it through,” I answered sorrowfully looking away from Legolas. He stopped and came up to me.

“Did you know about it?” He blurted out at him, I looked up at him and his eyes shown anger and disappointment.

“She cried out in pain this morning, but I did not think anything of it, until now,” I said, Legolas's face turned slightly red and I could see his anger rising a little. I put my hand up in defence and went to tell him that I meant no harm when Gimli hit the both of us and we turned to him.

“This isn't going to help the Lass you know,” he stated and Legolas sighed and looked back at me, apology in his eyes. I put my hand on his shoulder and he understood that it was a mistake. Legolas started pacing again and Gimli tried looking through a window but he was too short. I stood behind him and was able to see inside, but there were about six different healers around and then Haldir and his men, so I couldn't see Lavina.

There was something about Lavina that I recognised. I mean the name, I knew someone of the same name before but that was many many years ago and she had died. But there was something. Something I noticed when I woke her up earlier in the day. Behind the pain and worry, there was something there that I had only seen in one person before but they too would probably be dead.

The door opened up and Haldir and a few of his men walked out, Haldir told a few of his men to go ahead of us and so they waited around the corner. Haldir had a very serious look on his face and it made me feel uneasy. Legolas stood in front of him and I joined just behind, Gimli at my side.

“You may see her now, but she is weak and will need to rest,” He stated shortly and then opened the door to the room. Legolas instantly walked in and Gimli followed, I after him and then Haldir behind me. Legolas was already sat on the edge of her bed his hand on her face.

Lavina seemed to be regaining colour in her cheeks and he skin was not as pale as it was earlier. Her hair fell in a tight plat down past her shoulder and her body was still, her chest slowly rising and then lowering. I walked over to the other side of the bed and held Lavina's hand in mine, gently stroking the back of her hand with my thumb and that's when I noticed something. Something I noticed. Something I had not seen in many many years. She bore a ring. Not like the ring of evil or of any power. Except maybe the power of love. She had been given the ring when she was little, by the person who saved her life. I leant over and looked down at her face very carefully. There were features I recognised.

 “What is wrong Aragorn?” Legolas asked but I could not take my eyes away from her face. She seemed so familiar that I felt stupid I had not noticed before. I shook my head.

“She is my niece,” I simply answered.

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