Chapter 25

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Chapter 25

   I woke the next morning to an empty room. I looked around the room and even on the balcony ledge, but no one was around. I lifted my body up so I was sat up and then pulled back the covers, slowly twisting my legs around so they were hanging off the bed. I thought about my dreams that I had last night. I had had a normal one where I was riding out over the plains with my father and Leonan but then after waking up and attempting to go back to sleep I dreamt of after the battle. I was piling up the bodies of men and all my loved ones, friends and family, were all piled up.

    I shook the dream out of my head and remembered I hadn’t gone to bed with trousers on. My bag had been placed on the floor next to my bed and so I dragged it closer to me, unzipping it and pulling out a pair of trousers. I went to stand up but there was still a bit of pain in my hip. I grabbed halt of the bed post and caught my balance. Once I was steady, I began to put my trousers on, buttoning them up at the top and placing a belt loosely around so it didn’t hurt. I hesitated to put my sword belt on but my swords didn’t weigh a lot so I attached it on. I finished clothing myself and threw my hair up into a bun and found that someone had left me two crunches by the balcony. I steadily walked over to the balcony and looked out to find it was well into the next day, I would have guessed just passed midday.

    I took one of the crunches, as I felt I didn’t need the two, and armed myself with my bow. After I eventually got out the door and into the corridor, I began to see that a lot of the women and children were back from the mountains and returning to what was left of their homes. I tried to walk down the corridor as best as I could until I reached the stairs. I took a deep breath in and then began down the stairs. I had to admit, it was a little uncomfortable but by grinding my teeth, I managed the stairs. When I got to the bottom I had to give myself a little breather. It seemed quite quiet for a change. I carried on through the bottom corridor, passing a kitchen and other bedrooms until I reached the main hall where tables were set out again. Food covered the tables, the smells filling the room and men were sat around them.

     I looked over to the table in the corner to see the fellowship sat down eating, king Theoden, Eomer and a few of his men also sat with them. Legolas spotted me and he got up from his seat. I began my way over to him and he met me halfway. He placed one hand on my waist and the other on my cheek.

    “You should be resting my love,” he said sweetly. I chuckled to myself as I reached up a little to kiss him good morning.

     “I’m fine, honestly. Besides, I couldn’t miss beautiful food like this could I?” he joked. He looked at me seriously but when he knew that I wouldn’t go back up to my bed he sighed and took my arm in his, supporting me as he led me over to the table. He helped me down onto the bench next to Aragorn and leant the crunch against the wall. Everyone was cheery and food was given to me left right and centre. I wasn’t used to having so much attention put on me at once and I felt a little overwhelmed. I wanted to make myself look like I was perfectly fine and remembering the convocation that Legolas and Aragorn were having last night, I wanted to make it look like I was being very sociable.

     I ate the lovely food that was being served, the crunchy salads, the tiers of toast, the meat mixed in sauces and spicy, I ate a lot. One of the men who were sat next to Eomer offered me wine but I declined. I didn’t tend to drink if I could help. Of all the years travelling, I have never felt comfortable where I was to drink in case I got drunk and something was to happen, like an attack on the village. Thankfully, Aragorn read my mind for me and declined it for me, instead giving me a nice cold glass a grape juice.

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