Chapter 33

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Chapter 33

     I soon found myself next to Aragorn and thought he was an orc. I twisted my blade at him as I turned but thankfully he deflected it. I looked at him quickly, noticing he wasn’t an orc and smiled happily. I carried on fighting the remaining orcs until I stopped at the sight of what looked like green fog at first, fighting and bring down the Mumakil but then I squinted my eyes, noticing that they were actually men. But they were disfigured.

   I struck away another blade from an orc behind me and twisted my blade in his gut. I dropped to the floor when I pulled it and I stared down at him. The amount of orcs I had killed in this battle and men too, I felt like it was a relief to see their bodies scattered across the ground, but then there was our kin too.

   The green smoke of men spread through the city and I hoped killed every orc or horrid creature that moved. I watched as soldiers walked around the fields, looking at the dead, hoping for survivors.  Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli started to stroll across the field towards the city and I was a little hesitant to follow. I was exhausted, in pain and longed for a warm, steamy bath. I closed my eyes for a second, letting my body relax a little and re-opened them at the sound of hooves behind me. I turned slowly around to see Hasufel, dry blood across his coat but he didn’t look hurt. I stepped towards him and rubbed his nose as I got closer. His nose buried into my shoulder and I rubbed his neck.  

     “You did brilliant, Hasufel,” I whispered to him. He nudged out from my shoulder and I looked him in the eye. He was a great and loyal friend to me, and I wouldn’t have lived if it weren’t for him. I took him by the reins and began to walk him over to where the others had gone. When I reached them, Gandalf and Pippin had joined us and Aragorn was in front, in front of the leader of the green ghost men. Just then, images of a mountain and the green men between them revealed themselves in my head, but I shuddered them out. I walked over to where Legolas was stood and he smiled at me from the side.

    “Release us,” the leader spoke to Aragorn. There was a weird and a little uncomfortable air around us but I put it down to the fact that they were dead.

    “Bad idea. Very handy in tight spots these lads, despite the fact they’re dead,” Gimli muttered in from the other side of Legolas. I looked a little surprised that he would say that but he was kind of right. They were handy and could be in the future but it wasn’t right.

     “You gave us your word,” he argued back, looking a little tempered and annoyed. I took a tiny step forward so I was literally a step in front of Legolas, but close enough for Aragorn to hear me and whispered…

   “Nun sen auta,” I said under my breath. Aragorn seemed to hear me as his head moved the tiniest to the side to hear me. {Let them go}

    “I hold you oath fulfilled. Go, be at peace,” Aragorn said to them. The leader smiles at him and a sudden gust of wind, whips by and the men disappear with it. Aragorn looked around and when his eyes fell on me, a joyful, calming smile touched the corner of his lip. I felt someone touch my hand that was at my side and looked down at it to see it was Legolas’s. I followed his arm up and to his face where I smiled and leant closer in to him. He turned his body so he was facing me and looked me up and down.

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