Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Someone else's P.O.V

I tried to keep my breathing steady and silent but the sleeping body next to me was loud and uneasy. I slightly lent away from him and grasped the handle on the pocket knife in my boot.

As I heard them move closer and closer to me I heard his breathing fasten and the light from his lit touch was sinking through the blanket. He was getting closer to me and I would give up a hell of a fight to protect Leonan, he was all I had left.

I heard his footstep that indicated that he was only about a foot away from me. I saw his hand slowly and cautiously lower towards the blanket and he gently pulled it back.

This was it.

When the blanket had been pulled over my head I sprung myself out at him. We stumbled to the floor and rolled around, my hood covered my face and hair and his own hood had covered his eyes. I landed on top of him and held my knife up to his neck. I felt the muscles in his neck tighten and his heart began to beat faster. Mine did the same but mine was not from fear. It was from the adrenalin.

“Why are you following us you filthy scum!” I shouted at him, my voice was a little shaky but I did not make it obvious. I lifted the scruffs of his neck up and slammed him back down to the ground. He was quite muscularly and judging by the beard growing on his face, he was older than me, well actually. Probably not. I heard cluttering of frying pans and I heard someone pull out a bow and felt it facing me. But there was others that did not do anything. I heard a voice, he was speaking in elfish and was telling the man on the floor to grab for his sword.

I hissed back at him to shut up in elfish just so he knew that I could understand him and he stopped muttering under his breath. But another person moved closer. There was no sound of a sword. No sound of an axe. Not even a bow. But I refused to let my guard down. It was not until I heard his voice that my heart froze.

“Vina, is that you?” The soft, gentle voice spoke. I loosened my grip on the knife, only slightly and lifted my head up, just able to see an old friend under the bottom of my hood. He had not aged since the last time I saw him. He looked a little stressed out but he was a wizard after all.

“Gandalf” I said. I pulled the knife away from the man on the floor but still kept it in my hand. I pulled my hood away to reveal my face. My hair fell down my back and fell just above my bum in a ponytail plait. There were gasps of shock in the cave that echoed all around. I looked into Gandalf's eyes and saw happiness but some sadness. We had been friends for many years and it had been long time since we had seen each other.

The man underneath me tried to struggle but I was practically sat on him with my leg outstretched on the floor so he couldn't get his sword and couldn't move.

As the moment Gandalf went to speak to me, Leonan shifted in the blanket and called out my name. I jumped up off of the man and leapt over to see if Leonan was okay. As I reached him he coughed and sat up. I rubbed and tapped his back to clear his air way.

“V, who are these people?” He squeaked through coughs. I glanced over my shoulder to see that an elf was helping the man up of the floor, there was a dwarf and another man and then there was what I guessed where Hobbits. I looked at Gandalf and he smiled gently.

“Gandalf's an old friend of mine Leonan. You go back to sleep for now. We've got a long journey ahead of us tomorrow,” I whispered gently. My voice had calmed down and was of a motherly soothing sound. He lay back down on his bed and I tucked him back in, and after about a minute he fell back into a soothing slumber. I kissed him on the head before turning towards the rest of them.

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