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Searching...A Legolas LoveStory by GinaG_13
Searching...A Legolas LoveStoryby gina
Aolavina is not just any Lady of Middle Earth. She is a Lady of Battle. She has always travelled with her father but when she lost him and couldn't find him, she was lef...
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A Great English Pudding (Tom-Hiddleston Fan-Fiction) by WElivetoRUN
A Great English Pudding (Tom-Hiddl...by WElivetoRUN
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ᜪ ⱮߊƝ∪ꚌⴹՏ in ⲎⴹАⴸⴹΝ [Multifandom Oneshots] by HamiltonHerself
ᜪ ⱮߊƝ∪ꚌⴹՏ in ⲎⴹАⴸⴹΝ [Multifandom O...by S. Grimoire
A multi-fandom version of 7 Minutes in Heaven! Chose your guy (I only write reader x guys) from each of your fandoms! Or read all of them, either works, depends on you! ...
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A Sheath of Arrows (ON HOLD) by AngelCACrowley
A Sheath of Arrows (ON HOLD)by Altair Crowley
Celestia, the long lost daughter of Lady Galadriel and Lord Celeborn is somewhat the most mysterious case on Middle Earth with her disappearance unknown to anyone even t...
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shipping - you x your fav fandom character by princessfanfic15
shipping - you x your fav fandom c...by cesar wife
Shipping" refers to the phenomenon; a "ship" is the concept of a fictional couple; to "ship" a couple means to have an affinity for it in one wa...
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Marked wolf by user70755332
Marked wolfby
rose is a normal girl who is a dancer and a singer with her partner harry.she goes camping and finds a baby girl years later mother and daughter go to the same spot to g...
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Fandom Memes by AnnaJordan8
Fandom Memesby Anna Jordan
Memes from various fandoms. Enjoy!
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Lord Of the Rings- Quendi by AmnesiaFaery
Lord Of the Rings- Quendiby AmnesiaFaery
Vanya Eldoth, a young elfish renegade of an ancient race that had died off unknowingly many a thousand years ago had been hunted down by Sindarin elves since she was jus...
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lort by jegerjkrowling
lortby jegerjkrowling
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Facts on anything and everything I know by Annaboo_The_Dino
Facts on anything and everything I...by Annaboo_The_Dino
Facts on things like Doctor Who, Sherlock, Marvel, HP, LOTR, Legend of Korra and more! Mind you this is from My Wikia app, I did not know most of this.
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Andy serkis imagine  by princessfanfic15
Andy serkis imagine by cesar wife
this andy serkis imagines book, about andy serkis x reader ( aka you) about sexy and most talented actor in the world and also you. you can request imagine by messaging...
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