Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

   I sat there for a long time, leant into Legolas’s body, feeling his temperature, his breath and his heart beat ensuring myself this was all real. I felt like everything was a dream and nothing felt real. The only thing that made it real was the injury to my leg which I was momentarily ignoring. My eyes were still closed but I quickly opened them before I fell asleep. I stretched out of Legolas’s grip and rubbed my eyes.

    “I think I’m going to clean up and then I’ll join you again,” I said to him moving away from him and over to my bag. Legolas nodded to me and he got up from where we were sat and touched my shoulder before he went and sat with the others.

   I looked down at my stuff and sighed a little. I was really tired and had little energy. I pulled my hair down from what was left of the plats and untangled it all. It was very long now but it was full of dirt and sweat. I got a cup from out of my bag and scooped some of the water from the stream, pouring it over my hair. It made me shudder a little as the water was very cold and I was already cold myself. I got the shampoo and the conditioner and put the conditioner to one side. I squeezed the tube and it squirted onto my hand, which then I rubbed into my hair and made sure it was covered. It felt so nice to feel such soft and moist liquid in my hair than dirt and blood. I smiled with pleasure and repeated it once more with the shampoo and then with the condition. Once I was finished I dried it as well as I could and then got the bar of soap out of my bag.

   I rubbed it between my hand and my arms, rubbing the dirt and blood off of my arm and then rinsed then off with the water from the stream, I could finally see my clean skin and some of my old scars on the top of my arms, around of my bandages. I then cupped the water in my hands and washed my face clean. I had to really scrub some places of my face to get the dirt off and when I went to rub at my eyebrow, I winced a little as it hurt. I got a small shard of mirror out of my bag and used the light from the fire to look at my eyebrow. I had a small cut to it that was about three centimetres long and about a centimetre deep. I hadn’t really noticed this as my leg was what felt the worse. I rummaged through some of my bandages until I found some small ones. I dried my face off and then suck them on my eyebrow so they pulled them together and so the skin would heal.

     I stepped around a tree and took off my ragged, damaged clothes and unfolded m new ones. The material was soft and gentle on my skin and it really made a difference to the way I felt. My mood increased to even more happy. I repacked my stuff into my bag and tied the bag so nothing would fall out. I stood up from the floor and hobbled over to where everyone else was sat. Gimli was drinking out of his flask, his helmet off his head and he was casually leant against a tree. I smiled at him and he smiled back.

    “If you don’t mind me saying Lass, you’re one tough nut,” Gimli complimented me. I giggled at his comment and went and sat down between Gandalf and Aragorn. I leant on Legolas’s side and he smiled.

     “Years of experience I put it down to, and from the family,” I replied back to Gimli and I looked over at Aragorn and winked at him. He smiled at me and shook his head. We laughed and it felt really calming just to be able to sit there. I took out a piece of lembas bread and began to nibble on it, it was good to eat something, since it had been a while since I ate a full meal.

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