Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

Legolas’s P.O.V


     We were running now, faster than before as the scent of the orcs had gotten closer and we were not far behind them. Gimli was still having trouble to keep up but I stayed closed to him at times, but mainly by Aragorn. He was leading and when he stopped, I listened to the area around and it seemed we all had heard the same things. The sounds of neighing and hooves galloping across the ground and I could feel the movements coming up from the ground and through my legs.

    I looked at Aragorn and the same thought was casted on his face. I waved Gimli to come with us and we ran to some big rocks and hid behind them. We got there just in time before the riders could see us. We watched them pass us by which took a while and as the last rider passed Aragorn stood up and made himself show. Gimli followed and I behind him.

    “Riders of Rohan…what news from the mark?” He called to them. The leader of the herd raised a spear and the horses turned their riders around. They began to climb up the hill side and soon they were circling us, spears drawn inwards at us. A man guided his horse through the crowd so he was in front of his. I could not tell who he was for his helmet was covering most of his face.

    “What business does an elf, a man and a dwarf have in the Riddermark? Speak quickly!” He ordered to us.

     “Give me your name horse-master and I shall give you mine,” Gimli answered. Aragorn put his hand on Gimli’s shoulder but I did not keep my eyes off of this man. He dismounted his horse and walked towards Gimli, his mouth straight.

    “I would cut off your head, dwarf…if it stood but a little higher from the ground,” he sneered. Something in my head clicked and I drew an arrow and aimed my bow at his head.

     “You would die before your stroke fell,” I spat. The Rohiirim pointed their spears at me and at the others but I did not lower my bow. Aragorn stepped between us and gestured me to lower my bow. I did so but I did not move the arrow away from the bow.

      “I am Aragorn, son of Arathorn.  This is Gimli, son of Gloin, and Legolas of the woodland realm. We are friends of Rohan and of Theoden, your king,” Aragorn informed him. The man seemed to sigh and looked at Aragorn.

     “Theoden no longer recognizes friend from foe,” He said to him. He lifted his hand up to his helmet and took it off to reveal who he was. It was Eomer, king Theoden’s nephew. “Not even his own kin,” He sighed. He looked around at the other riders and signalled them to remove their spears.

     “Saruman has poisoned the mind of the king…and claimed lordship over these years,” he didn’t sound very happy and I could tell in the tone of his voice, that he was annoyed. “My company are those loyal to Rohan. And for that we are banished. The white wizard is cunning. He walks here and there, they say…as an old man hooded and cloaked. And everywhere, his spies slip past our nets,” he finished, looking at me suspiciously. I tried to read his mind by seeing into his eyes but they were clouded with hatred and power.

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