Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

    I stayed stood into Legolas as everyone in front of us bowed down to King Theoden. However, king Theoden was not looking at them, he was scanning the area for something. Or someone. I wiggled out of Legolas’s grip and stepped forward looking into his eyes, seeing what he desired to see.

   “Where is Theodred? Where is my son?” He asked no one in particular but everyone heard it. I saw the worry in his eyes and I looked at Legolas, only to see the same picture reflected on his face. A lump grew in my throat and I didn’t need to be told, I knew he was dead, just by the atmosphere around me.

    I had re-styled my hair so that it looked tidy and respectful. We quickly made ourselves look respectful. I hadn’t spoken to anyone since I King Theoden realised his son was dead.

    We went down to the burial hills where villagers were already standing, waiting for their prince to be laid to rest. Me, Legolas and the others walked as quietly as we could, Gandalf moved closer to the front of them as he was probably the closest to Theoden than any of us. I held Legolas’s hand in one and Aragorn’s arm in the other. I waited with my hood up and looked at the ground. I heard more people coming and heard Theoden King walking behind them. Eowyn began to sing but it was not in westron. Her voice was full of sorrow and pain, and I lowered my head as the Kings son was carried by men towards the crowd and by an empty tomb.

    People passed him to the women where they carried him in the tomb, and when they came out-they came out single handily. I neither was sad for the people of Rohan and for Theoden but no tear fell down my cheek, nor well up behind my eyes. Just as Eowyn finished singing her saddened beautiful song, the tomb closed, forever leaving the body of Theodred alone to slowly decay.

    Slowly, people began to descend from the tomb and eventually, I, Legolas and Gimli went back up into the village with the rest of the crowd. Gandalf stopped behind to show his support to Theoden king. Some of the guards took us back into the main hall, to wait for the king so we could discuss the future of his people. But I very much doubted that he was going to listen to any of us, even Gandalf.

    When we got into the hall, there was some food prepared for us that had been set down on the table, Gimli, being Gimli, went to it and began picking away at the food. Legolas too, went over to the food to see what there was. I went away from the food, not feeling hungry at all and went and sat on my own in the far corner in the dark, trying to not make myself noticed.

    I untied my necklace from around my neck and held it in my hands, my hands resting on the table. My mind felt blurry and nothing seemed clear. I felt unstable and fuzzy. I rested my head on my hand and fiddled with the heart pendant with my fingers. I felt someone stand behind me and they put their hand on my shoulder.  

    Aragorn lifted his leg over the bench onto the other side and sat down on the bench next to me. I lifted my head off of my hand and sat up straighter. I didn’t look at him still but after a few seconds of me not talking, he put his hand on mine and squeezed it gently.

    “Are you okay Vina?” he softly asked me. I looked away from the necklace, folding my palm up so it was hidden and then looked at Aragorn. His eyes were sympathetic and calming but I felt erratic and restless. I simply nodded but he knew it wasn’t true and he knew what was on my mind.

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