Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

I heard whispering float around my head, some I recognised straight away and some I didn't. For some reason though I could not reply to them, my mind and my eyes would not let me. I heard one voice that my mind craved more information for and then there was another voice that my heart ached for.

I felt warmth on my hand and I tried to move it but once again, nothing happened. I cursed in my head at not being able to move, I really wanted to say something but I could not.

After a while, the voices slowly died away and I felt colder without the presence of others. I had always spent my nights in the presence of others. I had always been in the same house as my father, even when I was little and then when Leonan came along, I was always with him. Wherever I was he was there next to me.

The thoughts of my father only brought more pain to my mind and made my head feel heavy. Although my head was hurting, it felt more alert and my senses were almost back. I could feel my body relax and I could feel my body again. I felt my face muscles working again and my eye lids flinched. I twisted my body and felt my arms lift up slight.

I opened my eyes, for what felt like it had been a long time, and at first, my vision was blurry but I blinked a few times and it all became a little bit clearer. I was looking up at a wooden ceiling where wild ivy grew across the surface. I turned my head slowly to the right of me to see a blue light shine through a window and warming my face up. I was admiring the warming light when I sensed someone watching me, they cleared their throat to make themselves known and I turned my head to face them.

“March Warden.” I said and bowed my head slightly. When I looked up he had a very pleasurable smile on his face. He stood up from where he sat and came to the edge of my bed, taking one of my hands and kissing it gently.

“I am glad you have awoken Lady Aolavina. Please, call me Haldir,” he stated, looking away from my hand and into my eyes. I blushed slightly and smiled at him. “It has been many years since you and your father travelled through our lands. Many of us have missed you,” He said with a genuine smile. I leant on my hands and pushed myself up a little before I felt the pain in my side. It was not bad pain, just tight pain and aching. I propped myself up against my pillows so I was sat up slightly.

“Yes Haldir, it has been some years since we came. I have missed this placed dearly and the ones who live here, I hope to enjoy its views once more if you would allow it,” I replied quietly. My voice had not fully regained its volume yet and it sounded shaky. I looked around the room and saw that it was only the two of us. No one from the fellowship was here and Leonan wasn't either.

“Where is my brother and the others?” I asked him, starting to lift myself up and off of the bed. I had a sharp pain in my side and Haldir held out his arms and lowered me back down to the bed.

“Leonan is safe, he is with the fellowship. They have been granted permission to stay in these lands for a few days so they have set up campus near by,” he assured me. I took a deep breath out and relaxed my body a little. Leonan was safe but I needed to see him to fully satisfy myself. Haldir seemed to read my mind and released my hand, gently placing it down on my stomach.

“I will bring your brother and the others here Aolavina. Just stay here,” he said backing away from the bed and headed for the door. Just before he was out of the door I called after him. He stopped and pocked his head around the door.

“Vina. Call me Vina,” I requested. He took the name in and I saw his eyes smile. I thought it might be easier if he were to call me by my shorter name. He bowed his head and exiting out of the room. Apart from a guard who was stood outside of the door, I was practically alone.

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