Chapter 39 - part 1

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Chapter 39- Part 1

   For the first day and night, Legolas stayed by Vina's body, not wanting her to wake up and he not be there. He wouldn't move from her bedside andd when he was offered food, he turned it down. He could go days without eating but he hadn't eaten since the battle.

   His body was like a stature that arched over Vina's body. His face was still and expressionless but inside; he was fighting the extreme emotions he was feeling. He hid them from the others who would bob in and out of the room. Gandalf would spend the longest in there – apart from Legolas, and he hoped that the spell would work. But there was no sign of her coming back to life just yet. Her body was cold and unmoving. Her chest didn't rise and her cheeks didn't blush.

    Aragorn was the one who had the heart-rending tasks of finding Aodeth and telling him of the battle.

     "Aodeth, I need to speak with you," Aragorn said quietly to him. Aodeth was in the hall, drinking along with some of his friends. He had already consumed two tankers of ale and was wobbly on his legs. He swung around to Aragorn and held out a drink to him.

     "Well done lad, it's all over," Aodeth gargled. Aragorn looked down at the drink and shook his head.

    "Aodeth would you mind coming with me for a second," Aragorn said politely. It was hard for Aragorn to have to explain Vina's death to him but it had to be done. But he couldn't tell him here.

     "Come celebrate lad, pull up a stool," Aodeth said almost ignoring Aragorn's words. Aragorn shook his head and put his hand slowly and gently onto Aodeth's shoulder. He looked down at the hand and then looked confusingly at Aragorn. Aragorn leaned in a little closer to him.

      "Please. It's about Vina," he whispered. Aodeth looked sharply up at him and starred him in the eye. Like Vina, Aodeth was good at reading people and instantly knew something was wrong. He looked back at his friends and smiled, trying to hide the worry he had suddenly felt.

    "Excuse me for a moment my friends," he said to them as he dropped off his stool and waited for Aragorn to lead him out. They got out quickly and without saying a word to each other, Aodeth followed Aragorn through the city until they got to the top where Aragorn came to a holt and he slowly turned to face Aodeth.

    "What is this about Lord Aragorn? Has Vina done something wrong?" He asked cautiously. Aragorn shook his head without words and although Aodeth thought it would relieve him to know she didn't do something wrong, but it only made the worry burry him more in worry. "So what is it then?" He asked again, seeing Aragorn wasn't saying anything.

    "I don't think I can explain it, for it brings me too much grief. Follow me," Aragorn said clearly. Aodeth raised his eyebrow and his heart beat began to race. He couldn't think of anything that would make Aragorn behave the way he is. There was only one thing and he did not want to believe it. Once Aodeth took a deep, brave breath in, Aragorn turned again and followed after Aragorn as he took him across an opening and over to the healing quarters.

   Every footstep seemed to be like a weight was being added onto Aodeth's back and the closer he got to the rooms the more his anxiety and panic grew. Aragorn slowed down his pace until he stopped outside of an open door. His eyes were hidden from Aodeth and he could tell Aragorn was avoiding making eye contact. Aodeth took a closer step to Aragorn and then turned to peek through the door way to see the fellowship stood around a bed. Legolas was almost sat on top of the bed and everyone else was stood around it.

    Aodeth's heat beat stopped and it was like the blood had run out in his body. He felt light headed and queasy and he took a step closer to the bed. He was in the room and he could tell things were just going to be bad. The fellowship casted a sorrowful and mourning atmosphere and Aodeth had an idea who would be on the bed. His eyes had already started to blur and he felt cold. He took another step and then he saw his daughter, lifeless and still, on the bed. Her clothes were bloody and her hair a huge mess, but what shook Aodeth the most, was the lack of colour and emotion in Vina's face. It was as pale as the sheets she lay on and Aodeth brought his hand to his mouth, making almost a choking sound as he let out his cry. The tears came fluent and he swallowed hard.

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