Chapter 38

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Chapter 38

      *No one’s P.O.V*

     The field was silent for a long time. All pairs of eyes were on Vina’s still body lying in Legolas’s arms. The air was tight and sorrow radiated off of everyone. But no one felt as heartbroken as the fellowship did. Merry and Pippin’s faces were red and blotchy from crying, Gimli’s beard glistened from his tears and Legolas couldn’t make himself let Vina go.

    His hand was still tightly grasped on her shoulder and the other supporting her neck. He hadn’t blinked since her eyes closed shut - leaving him alone. Whether it was shock or denial, he didn’t want to move away.

   Gandalf slowly moved closer to Aragorn and put his hand on his shoulder. Of course, Gandalf knew it was nothing but a mere gesture of his condolences. Aragorn slowly sank from his knee to his bottom and whipped his nose on the back of his sleeve. Gandalf brought his hands together and felt the object he held in his hand. It was Vina’s mother’s necklace that she gave him earlier. Aragorn looked up, sensing something about Gandalf wasn’t right.

     “What is that in your hand Gandalf?” Aragorn asked looking at him with his eyebrows rose. His eyes were red raw and bloodshot, his face red and sorrowful. Gandalf sighed and opened out his hand showing the pendant.

    “Earlier today, Vina came over to me. She said she had a bad feeling about today and that if anything was to happen to her, I was to give this to Aodeth,” he told him. Aragorn’s emotions washed over his face and he couldn’t tell whether he was angry, sad or frightened.

     “She knew this was going to happen,” Aragorn mumbled under his breath. He lowered his head and brought his hand to his forehead, rubbing his temple.

    “This is my fault,” Legolas stated. Gandalf and Aragorn spun around to face him. Aragorn shook his head and went to speak but Legolas put his hand up to him. Legolas slowly drew his eyes away from Vina and to Aragorn. There was such sorrow and pain in his eyes, that of which no one had ever seen in them before. His chest was tense and his jaw muscle twitched. “Something happened to her before we left Gondor. She hid it from me but something had spiked her, she didn’t seem right. She obviously knew what was going to happen to her, and I should have stopped her,” Legolas said before stopping, not being able to go on. He blamed himself for her death. He knew something was wrong with her, he had told Gimli that something was wrong but he did nothing.

     “Don’t blame yourself Legolas. You know she would of gone whether you told her to or not,” Aragorn said. He put his hand on Legolas’s shoulder, lifted himself off of the ground and then offered his hand to Legolas. Legolas looked out the outstretched hand and then back at Vina.

    “I wish there was something we could do to bring her back,” he said down to her. You could tell by the way he was just holding onto her, that he wished she’d just come back to life. Gandalf watched the men when he felt a present in his mind, a warm presence but even this one seemed sad, but it felt weird.

      “Lle sinta eller naa men a’ lauin he n’alaquel,” the voice whispered. It became apparent straight away to Gandalf that it was Galadriel talking to him. Her voice was soft but also a little persuasive. Gandalf closed his eyes and moved into his head where he appeared to be in Lorien, on a balcony. And Galadriel was next to him. Her smile was small and suggested she was sorry.  {You know there is a way to bring her back}

   “You saw in my mind what I was thinking? I remember the spell that was used centuries ago but it never worked,” He told her. She looked at him, the sun casting down on her skin. Even though the light shone on Gandalf too, he could only feel the coldness from the field.

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