Chapter 5

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I looked away from Gandalf and faced the floor. How was it that I had gotten myself into something bigger than I was prepared and equipped for? I hugged Leonan tighter but he pulled away. "Are you scared Lavina?" he asked softly. I leant down on one knee so I was face to face with him. I thought carefully of what to say. Was I afraid? What would my father of done if he was in this situation. He was a brave man who would risk his life for me and Leonan. I smiled and pinched his red cheek. "I am not afraid Leonan, I just want to make the right choices for us. For you. I promised our father that I would keep you safe," I stated and he nodded pulling my hand away from his cheek and maturily held it in his.

"So shall you be departing my Lady?" Aragorn asked taking a steady step forward. I stood up from the ground and brushed off the dirt. I starred at him. A frown appearing on his face as the silence stretched. I smiled.

"If it's all right with you all I shall like to carry on this journey with you." I sniggered and Aragorn's frown disappeared and changed to a pleasant grin. I looked around and everyone was smiling. Lastly I looked at Gandalf, he was smiling but there was sadness in his eyes. I nodded reassuring to him that I was right to my word.

"The passage south is being watched". "We must take the pass the Caradhras" He ordered and we all looked up to the snowy mountains. It was a long way up and then a long way down. I popped my bag on the white rock and gestured for Leonan to come by me. I pulled out a jumper and an old coat that used to be my fathers. Obviously it was way too big for him. It came to his knees and the sleeves fell a foot after his fingers.

We started to make our way up the snowy slopes of the Caradhras mountains. The snow was past my shins and quite hard to walk through. I could only imagine how hard it was for Frodo and the other Hobbits. Leonan was walking slightly behind me. Following in my deep foot prints, he almost slipped a few times but held onto the back of my trailing cloak.

Boromir was just a little behind me along with Aragorn and Frodo. I turned suddenly hearing Frodo's cry as he started to fall down the slope. Luckily Aragorn was behind him to catch him but then he got back up and searched for something on his chest. My heart began to beat faster.

Boromir stood only a few feet in front of me and Leonan and bent down and picked up the chain that bore the ring of evil. He looked at it. No he was mesmerised by it. He held it in front of his face. Staring into its power. I could feel the power of the ring working on him but I couldn't think of anything to do. Aragorn spoke his name but he still was drawn in.

"It is a strange fate we should suffer so much fear and doubt over so small a thing.... Such a little thing," he spoke to himself. I felt the evilness grow even more and I bent down and put my hand in my boot searching for my father's knifes.

"Boromir", Aragorn bellowed and he seemed to snap out of the trance. He looked up at Aragorn.

"Give the ring to Frodo" he ordered. Boromir took a steady first step forward then stepped more confidently over to Frodo. He handed it over to Frodo and he snatched it off him. He rustled his hair and then walked back towards me and then past,

I looked over at Aragorn and I removed my hand from my boot. He removed his hand from his sword. I nodded to him and he did the same. I slowly walked up to Frodo and whispered in his ear. "I will help you with your ring troubles. I will keep my eyes on Boromir and yourself little one," I told him. He smiled and nodded greatly. I walked back over to Leonan and picked him up and carried him on my side. He did not weigh a lot and he was still quite small for his age, then again he did look younger than he was.

The snow began to fall and the further we got up the slopes the harder the wind fought against us. Leonan pulled his hood up and covered his face from the bitter speed. I could feel that Legolas was close by me and I kept a very close eye on Boromir. He did not stop moving and he didn't dare to look back. But then again, I would not look back myself. The wind was very strong and I didn't want to risk being swept back by the ongoing wind.

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