Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

I pulled out some long fabric that I had in my bag pack and started to wrap it around my side and my stomach. I pulled it tight so it was putting quite a lot of pressure on the wound trying to stop the bleeding. I pulled my shirt down to cover it and then I put a jacket on and then my cloak that Leonan gave me back.

I put my bag pack on my back and then started off towards the others. My head was feeling dizzy and I was feeling a little sick but I jogged onwards and soon caught up with the others. Everyone was still very quiet and no one was speaking to anyone. I tapped Leonan on the shoulder to say that I was here and he turned and I could see he wanted to be picked up. I swung him around onto my right side and closed my hands around his back. I felt the tug on my injury and I almost let out a cry but bit my lip instead.

I listened to Leonan's steady breathing as he slowly fell asleep, his head on my shoulder. To know he was safe was good enough for me and I knew that we were headed for Lórien where I was meant to be taking him in the first place. I just hoped that his mother was still alive and would take care of him until I found my father.

“What is wrong Lavina?” Legolas whispered next to me. I looked over Leonan's head with a questionable expression. My side was actaully starting to hurt now but I wasn't showing any clues that it was.

“I am missing the presence of Gandalf, Legolas,” I simply said lowering my head in front of me. I was not lying, I will admit that. I felt like there was a part of me missing without Gandalf around. My heart beat felt irregular, whether that was from loosing Gandalf or being shot with an arrow.

“We all feel the loss. You maybe more than others will feel the pain,” he commented. I looked up at him and knew that he understood how I felt. He moved one of my hands from behind Leonan and held it in his own. He frowned at it for a second.

“Your hand is very cold,” He stated, I wanted to pull my hand away but didn't want it to seem rude. I blinked awkwardly and just watch him while he starred down at my hand. “Are you sure you are alright?” He asked me again and I nodded my head and slowly pulled my hand away to lift Leonan up higher.

He didn't say anything else after that and it was not untill the sun had almost completely fallen that Boromir suggeted that we rested for the night. We were only about five hours untill we reached Lórien but the Hobbits and I were lacking and dragging everyone back.

I was so tired that my legs were carrying me on their own acord. We were in the high mountains opposite from Loth Lórien and out of sight from any orcs or unwated company. Sam set his bed out on the floor and Merry and Pippin copied but Frodo was a little slowly and less pronant to settle down. It had got to of been hard for him, afterall he had such a good bond with Gandalf and there was that relationship built up with Bilbo and Gandalf too.

I set Leonan down next to Merry and Pippins beds and set out a couple of blankets for him to lie inbetween. Merry and Pippin wouldn't mind if Leonan slept next to them, its just I needed a bit of space of my own.

Sam had gotten a fire going and was starting to hand out food between everyone. But no one was talking. Not even Merry and Pippin had anything to say to brighten up the modd.

Once Leonan was fed and drank from the flask I carried him over to his bed and tucked him in. He was so exhausted and I knew that he was missing our father. I could sense it. I ran my fingers through his hair and then kissed him on the cheek. I went to turn away but Leonan pulled on my shirt, and it pulled on my cloth that covered my wound. I bit my lip and closed my eyes to hold a scream in again. When I turned I smiled at him and opened my eyes. He looked sad and weary.

“Vina can you sing to me,” Leonan quietly asked me. I looked around to see the Hobbits watching and listening in. Leonan had probably told them before about how I used to sing him a little lullaby to get him to sleep. It was a lullaby my mother used to sing to me and my father after she had died. I nodded at Leonan and he snuggled himself down, his head on my lap. Merry and Pippin did the same, they snuggled up in their beds and rested their heads facing me. Sam and Frodo took their time getting comfy and Frodo seemed the most tired.

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