Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

     My arrow went shooting through the air, past tall trees and through bushes and hit my first and closest target. I pulled out another from my quiver from behind me and strung it in my bow. I took a quick aim and shot it again and it hit the orc in the head. I ran over to them and pulled out both arrows and took one of the orc’s sword or weapon. It was long with a spike sticking out at the end. It was a pretty stupid weapon but it was the best thing I had. I ran forward with the orc sword and slashed it against the other orcs. They were slightly bigger than the ones that attacked me and Leonan not that many months ago.

     I ran some more and killed more orcs, but after one was killed, more seemed to replace it. I eventually caught up to Boromir and found that he was defending Merry and Pippin. I strung my bow once more and hit an orc that was going to stab Boromir from behind. The orc froze and then fell to the ground just behind Boromir. Boromir looked down at the orc and then up to see where it came and smiled quickly at the sight of me.

     I was at his side within a second and fighting alongside him. The Hobbits too were putting up a good fight but there seemed to be way too many orcs! There was at least two hundred just running down the bank towards us.

     “Your horn Boromir!” I shouted next to him, stabbing an orc in the stomach and then saw Boromir reach for his horn. He brought it to his mouth and blew into it and the horn of Gondor was sounded. A bundle of orcs came speeding towards us and I swept up Merry and Pippin and pushed them further back and down the bank. Boromir was behind me and still trying to defend us all. I left the Hobbits by a tree trunk and went back to Boromir’s side, fighting once more.

     I was beginning to get tired and I could hear the others coming but there was just me and Boromir for now. I only turned my back for a second to kill a huge orc that went for Pippin when a much larger orc, almost twice the size of me, lifted me up into the air and tried to carry me away. I pulled out the knife from my thigh holster and stabbed the orc in the shoulder. He dropped me on the ground and I turned on my back where the orc looked like he was going to slash his sword down at me when a larger, long sword penetrated through his stomach and was quickly removed. It fell to the floor and I saw Boromir standing there looking down at me.

    He offered my hand and I took it eagerly and took up another sword. I and Boromir were fighting back to back and for some reason, Boromir pushed me away from him and when I looked around, he killed an orc that had tried to separate us. I thanked him with a smile; he went to smile but a shock hit the both of us.

    An arrow was spiked in his shoulder and he was trying to catch his breath. It was a big shock to him because he wasn’t expecting it and it was a surprise to me. But an arrow would not stop Boromir. He lifted his sword and began to fight. I joined in with him and I was beginning to weaken, it was very tiring. There seems to be more orcs coming. But the orcs were no scarier than the second arrow that hit Boromir in the stomach.

     My heart dropped to the pit of my stomach as Boromir once again gasped for breath. An orc who was also easily twice the size of me changed at Boromir but I deflected his swing and kicked his leg making him fall back a little but then the orc brought it’s sword down and I was too slow to get out the way. The sword slashed my left thigh and a huge pain struck down my body. I fell to the ground and hit the floor harder than I thought I would. The pain was quite bad but I tried to get up and fight again. I managed to stand and I stabbed a much smaller orc but the sound of a third arrow made me gasp for breath. It shot straight into his shoulder and caused him to fall to his knees.

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