Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

“Leonan, I hope you've been a good boy for your mother,” I said as I entered Eleona's kitchen the next day. Leonan was sat at the table eating a bowl of what looked like cereal, he nodded with a mouthful of it in his mouth. His hair was a little scruffy from sleeping and he was still in his pyjama, a dressing gown tied around his middle.

“Leonan has been brilliant, haven’t you,” Eleona said messing his hair up even more and giggling. She walked over to the cupboard and took out a bowl and filled it with milk. She passed me a spoon and then handed me the bowl. I smiled and willingly took it, sitting down next to Leonan. Eleona joined us and we all sat eating. It felt like before, when Leonan was younger apart from my father wasn't here. It was a sad truth but I had to face the facts.

“Where are the others Vina? Are they all okay?” Leonan asked between mouthfuls. I swallowed and then looked up at him with a smile.

“They're all good. The Hobbits have taken a liking to the food here. Boromir is Boromir, he doesn't really move away from the camp, same as Gimli. Aragorn is fine, and so Legolas is too,” I said the last bit a little quieter, the memory of the attitude Legolas had showed me was stinging my mind like bees. I sighed and carried on eating but Eleona tilted her head at me.

“What is wrong Vina?” She asked. I looked up at her and I think she knew how I felt. She looked at Leonan, who had now finished his food and smiled. “Leonan, why don't you go get yourself cleaned and dressed,” she told him. He looked a little suspiciously at me at first but he jumped off his chair and skipped off into his bedroom.

“So what is the matter Vina?” She questioned me softly. I looked away from her and down at my bowl. I took a deep sigh out.

“I'm not sure Eleona. Before we come here, Legolas and I were getting on really well but now it seems that all he wants to do is ignore me. And when he does speak to me, it's not the greatest way either,” I briefly explained. She looked at me and considered what to say to me.

“Was he all right with you up until he found out about you being injured?” She asked me.

“Well I don't think...” I began to say but then I trailed off into my own thoughts. She was right. It had only been since I woke up that he was ignoring me. But why would he? “I don't understand though. Why would he be like that now?” I asked her. She seemed to have a little understanding of it all. Her face softened and she placed her hand on mine.

“It might be that he's upset that you didn't tell him that you were hurt. Did you talk a lot before?” She considered. I nodded and then ran what she said over in my mind. I knew we were close-ish but why would he be upset that I didn't tell him. I didn't speak for a while and it was really quiet.

“Maybe you should talk to him Vina, that's the only way you're going to know what's really wrong,” she told me, I considered her suggestion for a while. It wasn't going to be easy to get him on his own if he was with the fellowship and even harder to get him to tell me what was the matter.

Ten minutes later, I left Leonan with Eleona. She said that she was going to take him around the large, beautiful city of Lorien to show him around. I headed back over to our camp and found that Haldir and Helainan were waiting for me. Helainan was holding a bag and some towels in her hand.

“You said you required a bath?” Haldir joked. I smiled greatly and picked up my bag pack from next to my bed. I put it on my back and we all went away from the camp. I let them lead me to somewhere I could have a bath. The air was fresh and the breeze was soft and gentle. They led me a little further until we reached an opening in the trees. Helainan smiled at me and she took my hand and led me through the trees which opened up into a lovely river and a small waterfall at the top that fell from a small cliff.

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