Chapter 31

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Chapter 31

*No one’s P.O.V*

    Osgiliath began to gather more and more orcs and other horrific creatures to use against the built up city of Gondor. Orcs from Mordor and many dark places sharpened their swords, tested their arrows and drew their bows. These were strong creatures and all had the thought of death impacted in their heads. That’s all they were created to know.

    Bodies of men and horses were scattered across the city of Osgiliath and the orcs began to drag them further into the city, planning to dispense them in a horrific manner. But there was one body, people would say, should not be there. Almost furthest away from the city, was a body lying awkwardly. This was a brave women- Aolavina her name. She lay with her face to the ground, on her side and a large cut down her cheek leading to the side of her neck. Blood occasionally dripped from the wound as she laid there, her body numb and limp. But then her eye flinched.

    Her body slowly came around and she could feel her limbs once again. However, she didn’t fully feel the pain and power of her fall. Her mind was fuzzy still, dreams circling them until she took a sudden breath in, only just feeling the wind that got knocked out of her. Her eyes shot open, searching, gazing her surroundings. She thought it was all a bad dream and that she was still with the fellowship, Legolas at her side. She saw blurred figures to start with, and then her eyes began to clear. She saw the clearing of dead bodies, horses and saw her horse laid still above her leg. She looked at the horse and felt its weight crush down on her leg. She tugged on her leg, prying it from underneath and gazed around again. She hadn’t noticed the orcs stood twenty foot from her and so she desperately looked around for something to fight her way out. She didn’t see a living horse that could ride her out but instead she would go by foot if it meant her life.

    Once she was free from under Kane she began to crawl away from him, dragging her body across the floor. Her head felt the heaviest as her helmet was still on. She reached up and pulled off her helmet and threw it to one side. But the helmet hit the dead man’s armour who was lay next to her and made a loud noise. She instantly regretted it and she looked around at the orcs. One of them, whom were on a warg, turned and a growl erupted from his mouth at the sight of her. It also caught the attention of a few more and it made Vina panic. She began to crawl faster across the grassy ground, her eye on a sword only a few feet away. She pulled herself across but footsteps of the warg drew closer and closer until she was too slow.

    The warg’s jaw clasped around her body and brought her up into the air. She let out a load cry and to even her surprise, it was really high-pitched. The warg shook her and then it stopped suddenly, bringing its head low. Vina winced in huge pain and when she opened her eyes, she saw why it had stopped.  Walking towards her was a black cloaked figure. She had never seen one before, but had heard the legends. It was the witch king, his black crown sat on his head, spikes at the top. She tried to pull herself out of the warg’s mouth but he had her tight. The witch king came closer and drew a blade from his arm. She tried again and again to wriggle out but it was no good.

    “I have seen many men fall and fight but never a women,” he noted to himself but addressing her. She starred at him, constantly trying to get out of the Warg’s mouth. He ran his metal finger across the blade and took a few more steps closer to her. She was still now as he now stood two feet away from her. She could feel the darkness and evil reminiscing off of him and she had a bad feeling.  “You dare think you could possibly fight against the means of orcs,” it spat down at her. She smiled evilly at him, showing she was no coward.

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