Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

“GO NOW!” My father ordered me, pushing my horse in the opposite direction away from the roaring flames that spread over the land and destroyed buildings as it went.

    “No father I will not go without you!” I shouted back, pulling on the reins of my horse for him to stop moving. I felt that the horse was scared and was etching to flee from where we were but I would not let him without my father.

     “Aolavina you listen to your father! You are to get your brother to safety do you understand?” He shouted and then tapped harder on the back end of my horse and he made off towards the open fields that led away from the village. I looked back at him one last time before he ran off back into the village. I saw fear and anxiety circle around in his eyes but he hid his emotions away from me and smiled one last time to Leonan. I held on tight to Leonan to keep him from slipping off the edge of the saddle. He cried out father's name, pleading for him to come with us and not to leave us alone, his voice was heart rendering and ear-splitting. He was just a child.

     Suddenly, I felt my body shake, it was not the horse I sat on and it was not the ground he stood on. I shook my head and felt very dizzy. I opened my eyes and saw a very bright light and what I thought were my eyes in reflection. I blinked quickly and so my eyes adjusted to the light of the sun. Aragorn was sat in front of me, it was not my own eyes I had seen, they were of Aragorn's. I tried lifted my head up but with difficulty, my head felt very heavy and it took me a while to realise what was happening.

     “Are you alright Lavina? You were speaking in your sleep.” He quietly asked me. I lifted the blanket that must have been placed on me last night – probably by Legolas, and tried to sit up right but I felt a huge bolt of pain run at my side and couldn't hold a cry in. Aragorn put his hand on my arm and tightened his grip as he got a sense of my body temperature. “Are you hurt Lavina?” He began and I shook my head, straightening my face up so I was smiling.

     “Just a bit of cramp Aragorn,” I answered lifted myself up into a more comfortable position. I was not ready to tell anyone of my wound, it would only cause panic between everyone and only slow us down. I need to get Leonan the Lórien and I would get him there whether I was to crawl there.

      “Your skin in very pale and cold. Are you sure?” He stated and I looked down at my skin, and in all honesty I was pale. However, I felt very hot and could feel myself sweating. I nodded and looked back up at him. “Then come down and get something to eat before we start to travel again,” He suggested and I nodded. He walked off down the little path and stood looking over the grassy hills between us and the forest of  Lórien, Legolas joining him shortly.

    I staggered up from off the floor and steadied myself on the wall. My head was feeling terrible and I didn't dare move my stomach or my side. Every little movement caused pain to sprint to my wound and I was afraid that it might of bled more but I didn't dare look at it now, not where they could see me.

    I tried walking down the path as normal as I could and sat down next to Leonan who was eating some more food. Already I noticed a change in the way Leonan looked, his face was plumper and didn't look so tight on his cheekbone. I mean, he was not of a bad health its just that we had become a little short on food so I had to ration, which meant only the least amount we could have was only a mouthful. I once again got offered a plate of food but I turned it away. My stomach could not handle food at the moment.

     Soon we were moving again at our normal steady pace. Hobbit pace in other words. I lingered further back as I felt more tired and I was finding it harder to keep a steady pace. I kept having pains every so often that would make stop and catch my breath, thankfully no one noticed but Leonan had stayed with me before he got bored and went to talk to Legolas. I heard Legolas tell him about Mirkwood and how his father was king. Leonan was amazed at what he was saying and I was glad he had Legolas to cheer him up. But soon I wouldn't have to worry about whether or not he would be safe.

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