Chapter 27

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Chapter 27

   I felt Legolas leave me a couple of hours after I had fallen asleep and watched him float out of the room before I returned to sleep. I guess the alcohol had taken effect on me as I fell straight back into a deep sleep. But not long after about five hours I found that my body was really fighting against the mead and wine as I kept tossing and turning. I heard noises and whispered and I opened my eyes. They were covered in sleep and rubbed them.

   I looked around for the noise to see that it was Merry. He was sat up in his bed, whispering sharply at something ahead of him. I removed the covers from the bottom half of me, feeling the alcohol linger in my blood stream, my head still spinning a little. I looked ahead and to see Pippin reach over Gandalf and pull something away from him. I blinked again trying to understand what it was and when I opened my eyes next Pippin was on the floor and had his hands on something. The palantir.

   I got up from the bed just as he touched it and shot up quicker than I thought I ever had and then darted for Pippin. Whether I still had alcohol in my system or it was because Merry’s leg stuck out and tripped me, I fell forward and I dropped onto my knees and my hands fell, one on the palantir and the other one on Pippin’s.

   Suddenly my head went fuzzy and the next thing I saw was pippin’s body huddled up in pain across the rocky surface. Without thinking I ran over to him, the floor was scorching hot and every step made me let out a slight scream. I got over to him and knelt down over him. He looked up at me in a huge panic but when he saw my face it seemed to relive him. I hugged him tight as a voice spoke out to us both, like he was everywhere around us. Pippin kept his head close to my chest and I looked around for who had spoken or a possible way out, but there wasn’t anything.

    The voice spoke to us, his dark, sharp voice shooting through our bodies as he asked us who we were. Neither of us answered and I tried to cover Pippin’s ear but it didn’t mask out the noise. When we didn’t answer, the floor burned us from beneath; the air slapped our faces as it blew past us and I felt like the very larva that lay dormant feet below my knees was being poured down my throat and had replaced my blood. I kept whispering to Pippin to hold onto me and not to say anything but the more I said it, the more pain I received. But then I felt like my body was being torn and stretched, like the sensations of my body were going mad but my body I was in, wasn’t.

   Just when I felt like I couldn’t take anymore burning, it stopped and everything went black. I couldn’t feel Pippin against my chest anymore and I couldn’t even feel my own body. What happened to me? I felt like I was sunk at the bottom of the darkness, but without a floor, or a ceiling, or my body, just the thoughts of my own. It felt like hours I spent in the darkness but then I saw a bright light and my body began to regain feeling. I tried to scream, I tried to do something but when I closed my eyes when the light got too bright, they burst open again to a white wizard hovering over and a crowd just behind. Everyone seemed to back away from me and I felt so scared. I tried to readjust my focus and the wizard and crowd in front of me cleared out to my friends. The fellowship were stood around me, panic in their eyes. I looked at them a little confused and Legolas knelt down next to me, holding my wrist in which I only felt at his touch.

    “It’s okay,” he said to me, reassuringly. I raised an eyebrow at him. I couldn’t have felt so happy and safe knowing he was in front of me. I looked at my wrist and saw that my knife from my thigh was gripped tightly in my hand. I dropped it like it was a poisonous snake and Legolas pulled me into his chest. I felt his warmth and my heart pounded in my chest. I felt tears stroll down my cheeks and fall on his lap. I felt myself snuffling and I gripped tightly onto Legolas’s shirt.

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