Chapter 30

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Chapter 30

  I climbed out onto the window sill outside and looked down over the brick wall that dropped about forty foot. I looked around at the other window ledges but knew instantly, my only option was down. I knew my father was asking questions now and knocking on the door so I had to be quick. I made no sure no one was looking or passing by and held my breath. I twisted my body so that I could climb down. I hung on my fingertips and tried to steady my toes on the bricks. I managed to keep my eyes open as I began to clamber down but I didn’t look down until I heard banging coming from the window thirty foot above me.

    My father had gotten through the door and I could hear his heavy breathing from where I hang. I couldn’t let him see me here. I looked down again at the floor and quickly began to rush down the wall. I got about seven feet away from the ground and knew my father would look out of the window any second now. I held my breath once again and let go of the wall, pushing away slightly before my feet slammed against the floor. Pain shot through my ankles to my toes and bounced around. I would normally land gently on my feet but I panicked too much and resulted in my pain.

    I looked up from the floor to the window to see the back of my father’s body. If he was to turn around now he would see me. I rubbed my ankles quickly, attempting to sooth them and began to run towards the weapons shed. I got there pretty quickly and the last few of the men were leaving. I scanned the different faces but didn’t see the one I wanted. I picked up a few swords and tested them out and once I chose one, I ran out and towards the stables.

    The stables were very quiet and men were rushing around trying to fit the horses. I looked for Hasufel but when I found him, he still looked too weak to ride. I patted him and kissed him goodbye on his nose before asking one of the men where Kane, my horse I rode earlier, was and he guided me to him. He was a beautiful creature and it was a cruel thought that I was basically sending him possibly to his death.

    “Hello boy,” I said to him as I rubbed his nose gently. He neighed pleasingly and once I saddled him up, I mounted him and rode him out of the stable. Some of the men looked confused by me but I carried on, finding my way in line. I placed myself between some of the younger men and kept myself to myself. But I guess I stuck out like a saw-thumb and soon some people were talking and whispering to each other. And then a voice who I hoped to avoid began calling out my name.

     “Aolavina!” Gandalf’s voice called out from behind me. I slowed down a little and men went passed me. “Vina what on earth do you think you are doing?” He asked as he caught up with me. His eyes showed panic and distress as I look into them. I sighed out and looked down at him.

    “I have to do this Gandalf,” I replied a little unsure of my own words. He hurried his steps and dragged his staff along with him.

     “Vina you don’t. You don’t have to fight. What are you trying to do. Get yourself killed?” He ordered. The sadness and plead in his voice has apparent but he wasn’t going to change my mind.

      “I have to do this Gandalf. For me, for Faramir for Boro…for Boromir,” I said. Gandalf looked a little dismissed and empathy but he carried on his walk. We were not that far away from the gates now and so I trailed the horse to the side.

     “What about your father? You’ve spent the last months searching for him and now you’re going to throw everything away?” He answered back. I shrugged my shoulders at him and to be honest, it killed me to act like I didn’t care.

    “I have found him and I know he is safe. I’ve told him about Leonan and he will be fine without me. Goodbye Gandalf,” I said quietly. He looked like he didn’t believe me but I tried my best to convince him. I slowly pulled away from him when he said something that spiked me.

     “What about your uncle Aragorn?” He said. I felt my heart slow down to a weirdly motion. “What about Legolas?” He said. This time my heart stopped and I felt my body freeze and the temperature drop. I slowly turned to Gandalf, my face emotionless and unreadable. He had actually said the one thing I didn’t want to think about.

    “Tell them I loved them,” I solidly said to him. His expression changed and surrender filled his face. He knew nothing was going to stop me. I gently kicked Kane on and I trotted back to the line. I felt my eyes burning from the tears that wanted to fall but I wouldn’t let them. I trotted through the men until I got close to the front. We began to go through the giant gates and spread out into a line. I looked for Faramir and found my way over next to him. Faramir didn’t notice me at first for his concentration was on Osgiliath until he must have looked out the corner of his eye.

    “Vina, what are you doing here?” He asked questioningly and a little panicked. I smiled at him but I don’t think it made any difference to him.

    “I fight with you Lord Faramir,” I replied but he didn’t seem satisfied. “Your brother once fought side-by-side with me and protected me to the death he told me that I reminded him of you which only makes me want to fight with you. He loved you too much too die alone,” I explained. He concentrated on every single word I said and I placed my hand on his shoulder.

   “You are too kind. Thank you. You are the bravest person I have ever met, Vina,” He said kindly. I smiled back at him and was happy that he thought much of me.

    I moved my hand away from him and fiddled with the helmet I had picked up from the weapons shed. I looked at it – this was the first time I had ever thought of wearing a helmet but I still placed it on my head and positioned it right. It felt weird and I felt it go darker, but I took my sword in my hand as we began to speed up and got into a run. I felt Faramir at my side and heard his encouraging shout, edging me on, making me go father, my heart beat faster and my mind going quiet.

     I could see the orcs standing at the wall of Osgiliath and I concentrated my sight on them. I hated orcs and I would love to help end this war. But I had to do this. They raised their bows and readied an arrow and aimed them at us. I egged Kane on and leant forward, hoping to reach them before they let go of the arrow. I looked over at Faramir, his face torn up, his battle face, which reminded me so much of Boromir, and then nodded our heads at each other. This was it. In these few seconds would be the end. I just hoped my father would forgive me. And so would the fellowship. And Legolas.

     I looked back at the orcs, one of their arms in the air and within the second of his arm dropping to the ground, I whispered…

      “I love you Legolas.” Then an army of arrows shot at us. I took one last breath before an arrow sliced my arm and struck Kane in his chest. His body jerked forward, taking me with him and I watched as the ground drew closer to my face within the last quarter of a second, until it finally hit…

                                                Complete blankness…

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