Chapter 40

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Chapter 40

    "How do I look?" Vina asked as she swirled around to look at herself in the mirror. She had refused to where a dress at first but Eleonan had convinced her to wear the one she borrowed off her in Lorien. She huffed and puffed when putting it on but now that she wore it again, she quite liked it. It was smaller on her than the last time but she placed her sword holster around her hips which added shape to it. Eleonan didn't initially like the idea of her wearing her swords and bow but she wouldn't be Vina if she was without them..

      "You look lovely, Vina," she replied to Vina. She walked up behind her and played with the bottom of her hair. Vina loved her hair being played with and it made her tingle. But Vina's stomach was doing summersaults. She had been in battle, died and been brought back to life and she was scared to go to the ceremony. She smiled at Eleonan and then sat on the bed.

      "What is wrong V?" Eleonan asked. Vina's head sunk down on her shoulders and she let out a long sigh. Eleonan came and sat next to her and put her hand on arm. Vina looked up at her with a weak smile.

       "Nothing really, I've just got a lot of things going around my head. Plus I'm petrified for this ceremony," she admitted. But Vina wasn't letting onto everything that she was feeling. The night before she had a dream and it knocked her thinking. Eleonan rubbed her arm encouragingly and Vina put her head on her shoulder. There was a knock on the door and they both turned to see Aragorn leaning on the door frame. He was dressed in royal armour and Gondorian clothing. He looked very smart and he had a huge smile on his face.

     "I'll be waiting with your father and Leonan. You look beautiful," Eleonan said, getting up and kissing her on the forehead. She walked up to Aragorn and smiled at him. He smiled back and then his eyes fell on her. He walked in, his arms spread out showing her what he looked like and they both laughed. She got off of the bed and looked at him impressed. In truth, she wanted to wear something similar to him. He looked at her and reached out his hands for hers. She reached out and he held her out, looking at her.

      "You look beautiful, my niece. But I can see something is wrong," he said, an eyebrow raising a little. Vina took a deep breath out and pulled a stray hair behind her ear. She couldn't tell him, it would only ruin the mood. And besides, she wasn't sure what it meant and whether it was anything at all. But her dreams were weird.

       "I'm petrified," she told him. Aragorn's handsome smile spread across his face considerately. He put his hands around her and brought her close. He could feel her heart racing ten to a dozen and feel her shaking.

       "Relax. Everyone who is out there is only the people you have fought with. The men know you well and you know most of them. And..." Aragorn slowed down and pulled away from her. He looked at her jokingly. "Legolas is going to be there waiting for you," he finished. At that, her stomach flipped again. She had slept on her own last night, but the others were in the room next to her. It was an old tradition of the kings that they would spend the night on their own before crowing.  She had wanted to spend the night with Legolas but she didn't mind. But what made her stomach turn was that he would see her, all dressed up, with her own crown and looking pretty. It was all strange to her.

     "Here," Aragorn said reaching behind his robe and pulling out some folded material. He handed it to her and she unfolded it. It was another robe, like his own but smaller. She looked at him to ask if it was hers and he nodded. She ran over to the mirror and Aragorn took it from her, bringing it round her back. He tied it around her shoulders and she spun with it. It was deep red and she thought it made her look a lot like Aragorn. She stood with Aragorn behind her and the resemblance, especially shown today, was clear.

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