Chapter 32

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Chapter 32

    I and my father smiled at each other and it reminded me of everything we had been through; my mother, the moving, the elvish town Lorien, my brother and then losing each other. I guess, looking back now, me and my father were very alike, maybe even some of that was my father’s influence on me.

    Suddenly there was a crash in the room next to us. Our room shook and I spread out my hands to balance myself so I didn’t fall off the bed. I looked at my father and he looked panicked. He jumped up from next to me and ran over to the wardrobe. He pulled out a shirt and threw it at me. I caught it and stripped off my old one and replaced it with one of my fathers. I tucked it in my trousers and threw on some chain mail armour that my dad had free.

    “You’ll need these V,” my father said. I turned to see him holding out my swords and my bow. I smiled at him but our room shook again and I heard screams. I threw my bow and arrow around my back and tied my holster again. I followed my father out of the door and saw that he had his own sword. My father never got the hang of a bow and arrow.

    We ran to the door next to us and tried to open it but it was blocked. We heard more screams and my father began to shoulder barge the door, trying to break it down. He tried for about five seconds and it broke through and we ran inside. There was a woman on the floor and she was hovering over a man who was trapped under what was part of the ceiling. My father ran over to them and he tried to wake the man up. The woman was all teary and crying for her husband to wake. My father checked for a pulse and thankfully he did. I knelt down next to the woman and put my hand on her shoulder before we all began to lift the boulder off of him. It took a lot of strength and as my muscles flexed, the skin on my back stretched and caused me a lot of pain. But I used the pain to lift it up and we rolled it off of him. She fell onto his chest and my father looked for injuries. He didn’t seem to have any really serious ones apart from a gash in his head. I grabbed a bandage and wrapped it around his head as my father held it gently up.

    He then began to stir and soon his eyes opened. My father started asking him questions and I got up from where I was sat and moved over to the window ledge. I looked over the city to see tall moving towers heading for the wall, some already there and orcs running out into the city. This was a terrible war and I hoped that soldiers of Rohan would come, that Aragorn and Legolas would come.

    Once the man was conscious, we exited the damaged room and we moved out into the open city. The sound was horrible; women and children were screaming, men were squealing as they we defeated and the sound of the orcs chanting made my blood boil.

    “Father, you take them up to the higher level. I’ll stay on this one and protect from above,” I said to him as I began to run away from him. He grabbed my arm quickly and looked me sharply in the eye.

     “You be careful!” He ordered me. I rolled his words over my tongue like I hadn’t heard them said so strongly. I had never heard my father sound like this. I turned away from him, and drew my bow, placing my sword back in the holster. I ran with it in my hand as many soldiers passed me. I got to a wall where next to it was a front view of the battle taking place. I pulled an arrow out of my quiver and peeked round the corner, looking for a target. I scanned the area and saw a group of five men taking on about nine orcs at once. I aimed my bow and concentrated on one of the orc’s necks. I let go of the arrow and it sliced through the air and struck the orc in the neck. It stopped and tripped up, causing the one behind him to as well and momentarily distracted the others orc’s for the men to kill them. I looked for my next target, for no one had noticed me yet.

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