Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

I woke in a startle with my forehead burning and cold sweat swimming down my face. I had a weird burning sensation run down my right arm and rubbed it soothingly. I had not had this certain dream in a couple of weeks and was glad to be awake now.

I lifted my head up off of the bed and found that someone had placed a blanket on top of my body. I felt the material of it and it was soft and gentle to touch. I rubbed it on my face and felt the pleasurable smell of sweet man. I moved it away and looked around the cave. It was dark but light from the almost burnt fire still illuminated the cave walls. I looked around and it seemed that everyone was asleep. No one had seen me smell the cloak and I pushed it aside a little. Leonan was fast asleep and resting well, he twitched a few times while I watched him but did not wake.

I stepped up from the ledge I lay on and went over to the corner where my supplies were hidden. I searched through my bag-pack and found the empty water flask. I leant back against the wall and looked at the sleeping Aragorn. His face was so familiar that it stung my memories. I turned away and looked for my cloak but Leonan had become wrapped around it and I did not want to disturb his slumber. I picked up the cloak that had been placed upon me and placed it over my back. Thankfully it had a hood and so I tied the ends and hired my hood.

I kissed Leonan on the forehead and packed the flask into my trouser pocket. I stepped carefully over the Hobbits that lay close by us and then over Gimli who snorted loudly in his sleep. I stepped out into the night air and was surprised at how chilly it had gotten. I wrapped the cloak closer until I was warm enough to move and then started my way back towards the running Spring that we had passed the day before. The wind was wordless and there was no sound of movement that I could hear.

It did not take me long to find the spring. I looked around the area and smelt the air. I could not smell anything but the sweet smell of the cloak I wore on my back. I trudged over to the edge of the spring and took the flask from my pocket. I leant down onto my knee's and reached the flask into the clear water. Once full I leant back on the back of my legs and went to fasten the top onto the flask but dropped it in panic and reached for my knife. I turned around and held it up to the person behind me. My heart was beating so fast and I reacted so quickly that I hadn't realised the tightness of grip I had on the handle of my knife.

I looked into the eyes of the man in front of me. Well, elf I should say. Legolas was stood behind me, his hands up defensively and his eyes nervous. I let out a deep breath and then put my knife back in my boot. I could have slapped him if only he had been closer but my heart was thumping like crazy and I sat down where I was. I picked up the flask and saved what little water had not ran out of it. Legolas sat down next to me, the side closest to the water.

“Lady Lavina, I did not mean to scare you. I thought you would of sensed me coming,” he said genially and I shock my head. How could I have not sensed him coming. I smelt the area before I went anywhere near the spring and all I could smell was the sweet smell....The sweet smell. That smell was of Legolas. My heart dropped a beat as I sneakily smelt the cloak again. It was his cloak I had got on. It was him who placed it upon me as I slept. I couldn't help but feel thankful of him and quite bad now that I had pulled a knife to him.

I picked up the lid that sat between me and Legolas but Legolas took it before me and offered out his hand. I passed the flask to him and he leant over and filled it up for me. He tightened the lid onto it and passed it back. I smiled as I looked into his eyes and shied away like a child doing something they shouldn't be doing. He let out a small chuckle and then I saw his eyebrows close together a little.

“Why is it you trek out into the darkness for water Lady Lavina?” He said quietly, his voice rang gently in my head. I looked up at him and saw that a small smile had escaped the elf's lips and made me blush a little bit. I put my head down and pointed at the flask.

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